Let’s talk about victim patterns and their transformation. Richard Rudd studied and taught the Human Design system from 1997 to 2004 with Ra Uru Hu. Prior to that, he traveled the world for 10 years and studied oriental practices in Tibet. He became a Qigong Instructor and Master of Taoist Meditation Techniques and also holds a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics and Literature from the University of Edinburgh.

Even before meeting Ra Uru Hu in the east, he became interested in the I Ching and when he learned about Human Design, he began to study it deeply. In 2009, Rudd published the book Gene Keys, which he worked on for 7 years and is largely based on Human Design. But still, the doctrine of the Gene Keys is indirectly related to Human Design and is not its official direction.

However, this topic may be of interest to those who strive for self-development and living their Design, so I want to share my vision.

Richard Rudd talks about 64 Gene Keys, which correspond to 64 Hexagrams I Ching, 64 DNA codons and 64 gates in Human Design. Each of these keys is an energy that can be manifested in a person at a different frequency.

Three levels of vibration correspond to three levels of awareness:

Shadow – low vibrations feed on fear, “victim” pattern, unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s own life.

Gift is the highest manifestation of talent, which is given for realization in the world. Through acceptance, the Shadow begins to transform into a Gift, thus, the potential of the Gift is hidden in each Shadow.

Siddhi is the highest manifestation of the properties of DNA, when there is no longer identification with a person.

As Richard Rudd himself says: “Embrace the Shadow, release the Gift, embody the Siddhi.”

I’m not sure that everyone should embody the Siddhi, but the topic with the disclosure of the Gift is quite interesting. Rudd’s idea is that the energy of the Shadow and the energy of the Gift are essentially the same, they are distinguished by the level of vibration. In order to raise the frequency of the Shadow to the level of the Gift, one must realize the Shadow in oneself and accept it as a part of oneself. But it can be difficult to see this Shadow.

Below is a list of victim patterns for each gate. Its purpose is to help you move towards working with the Shadow by recognizing your patterns of thought and action. Those. find bindings and excuses that we use when we do not want to take responsibility for ourselves. Whether the circumstances are to blame (Gate 2), excessive emotions (Gate 6), or is everything too difficult (Gate 23). Do we feel like a victim of imposed obligations (Gate 29), our laziness (Gate 34), or do we feel that we are not appreciated enough (Gate 43).

Imagine a house with many rooms. Some of them may be light, but most likely all are dark. How can you choose which room to enter? By understanding your victim pattern, you light up the door of the room you should enter and even know what awaits you there. The room is still the same dark, but not so scary and unknown. Rudd himself says that he is still studying the topic of victims and invites us to study it too.

Victim patterns and their transformation

Take a look at this list and find yourself. Which one do you play when you want to be small and weak? What makes you angry and clinging about others when they communicate with you?

1st Gate

Victim of Numbness, Numbness.

Pure creative energy. Likes to express himself in creative, unusual ways. Not necessarily creativity in the literal sense. It can be any creativity in life. When we appear bright and unusual. When we have what to say and what to do. The peculiarity of this energy is that it is cyclical: that is, it is not. And this happens for everyone, and not only for the one who has the 1st Gate. Now there is a muse – then no. And that’s okay. This is the law by which creative energy works. If we do not know and do not understand this, and we want creativity to be always there, we begin to reject ourselves in a state of numbness. Lead to creativity. And when he is not: “I am a victim that I am not rushing.” The expectations of others are also superimposed here. For example, a classic situation: a person works in creative work and needs to write poetry every day, today he has inspiration, but tomorrow he does not, and something is expected from him. And fear arises: “I am not loved when I am not creative,” and the rejection of these states. The longer the rejection, the longer this state continues – it lasts.

2nd Gate

Victim of Circumstances.

Even if this Gate is not activated, almost everyone has this victim – after all, 2 is the Gate of the Magnetic Monopole. Driver and Guide Gate. This is when I am late for work and the tram does not run, and in general everything in this country is not working properly – and I suffer. Fear not to fit into the rhythm of life, fear of losing one’s direction, fear that there is no order in the universe.

3rd Gate

Victim of the Chaotic Mind.

Gate of Chaos. Gate of Creativity. Create a picture from the mosaic. And when suddenly you see that chaos begins to suffer from the inability to put everything in its place.

4th Gate

A Victim of the Importance of Answers.

The gate of logic, seeking logic and order in everything. People who need answers. They suffer the most in relationships, because they want to find a formula for an ideal relationship, and when life does not fit in, they begin to suffer.

5th Gate

A victim of Impatience.

Everything is needed sooner, now, and if not now, then – never.

6th Gate

Victim of Own Emotions.

“I am so emotional, I suffer so much.”

7th Gate

Victim of Jealousy and Envy.

The potential to be jealous and envious yourself, or to be the subject of jealousy and envy.

8th Gate

The victim of Wordly.

Burdened with worldly vanity.

9th Gate

Victim of Details.

A pattern that people are not always aware of. You can go somewhere, get distracted by the details and forget where you were going. Distraction by unimportant things.

10th Gate

A victim of Self-Obsession.

“Who am I?” “What is my destiny?” Find yourself and your way. Narcissism and non-recognition of others. Or self-denial.

11th Gate

Victim of Beliefs.

Fear of the darkness of ignorance. Gate of White Magic. Ideas for the Collective to enrich the world with something bright. The fear that the world in ignorance will destroy itself. Beliefs are the archetypes of horror stories we believe in.

12th Gate

Victim of the Importance of Perfection.

Search for excellence. Vanity gate. Richard Rudd says that vanity is the only shadow that is difficult to get rid of personally. Only when we all humanity mature – only then will we get rid of vanity. Vanity is what keeps us in this shape. Having transcended vanity, you become God.

13th Gate

Victim of Desire.

 “I want so much, but nothing comes of it. So everything is bad. What’s the point of wanting something. ”

14th Gate

Victim of Barren Thinking.

A fertile energy that is very afraid not to implement their ideas. Often they don’t even start, because they are afraid to waste energy. It is treated by observing and setting small goals.

15th Gate

Victim of Narrowness.

The Gate of Extremity is one of the most powerful gates. If you enter into action from response, you can do, build and create a lot.

16th Gate

A victim of Technique.

When you do something, and then you forget why you are doing it, and you start doing it mechanically. And the pleasure is lost.

17th Gate

Victim of Opinion.

Suffering when something does not coincide with your own opinion. The desire to express your opinion. Have own opinion. Or to see that other people have a fixed opinion that suffers from it.

18th Gate

Victim of Judgment.

Genetic programming to see imperfections. Fixes on what is faulty. Killjoy.

19th Gate

Victim of Hypersensitivity.

The gate of sensitivity to loved ones. Tribal.

20th Gate

Victim of Insecurity.

Something that distracts from the present moment. Fear for the future and the past. Makes it superficial. It does not allow you to totally immerse yourself in the “here and now”.

21st Gate

Victim of the Need to Control.

Often, a projection is hung on these Gates as if they were capable of controlling. Inside, there is a great desire for freedom. But some part continues to control, and the person becomes a victim of this part.

22nd Gate

Victim of Lack of Subtle Behavior.

“Everyone is so rude.” Fear that there is no one to talk to on the same wavelength and depth of emotions. That they will not understand and will not hear

23rd Gate

Victim of Complexity.

People who complicate things. “It’s so complicated, I don’t understand what’s going on.” And the gift is simplicity. It’s simple.

24th Gate

Victim of Habits.

People who get hung up on something. It is difficult for them to change something. A slave to habits. “I’m used to it being like this,” and if it’s not there, suffering. Rejection of the new.

25th Gate

A victim of Restrained Breath.

Superficiality from fear of letting in life. Fear of pain. Anything that limits our love. Resistance to suffering. Potential for absolute acceptance or total rejection.

26th Gate

Victim of Selfishness or Lack of Toughness.

The dealer’s gate. Through rejection they deny this energy in themselves, hence the unwillingness to get involved with money at all. Accuse others of selfishness.

27th Gate

Victim of Self-Sacrifice.

The archetype is Mother Teresa. Annoying concern. The archetype of a mother hen who suffers from not being appreciated.

28th Gate

Victim of the Fear of Letting Go.

It’s hard to let go of the old. They cling to obsolete patterns.

29th Gate

Victim of Commitment.

They get involved in unpleasant obligations for themselves because they often say “Yes” to other people. They do not know how to say “No”.

30th Gate

Victim of Desires.

This Gate is torn apart by desires. “I am dying, as I want something,” and they suffer. Or he got it, but he already wants something else and suffers again. There is a strong illusion that desire will bring joy and satisfaction. When a desire is fulfilled, it is disappointment that fulfillment does not come.

31st Gate

A victim of the need to be heard.

A voice that wants to be heard. This is the voice of the leader, but if he is not heard, he may suffer from this.

32nd Gate

Victim of a Fixed Concept of Success.

Fear of material failure. “I must be rich.” Fear of poverty and failure.

33rd Gate

Victim of Remembrance.

Clinging to good memories or grudges.

34th Gate

Victim of Physiology.

The body gives energy, but the mind does not want – suffering as a result. The body wants, but the mind resists. Or vice versa, the mind wants to go and make a lot of money, and the body wants to lie on the couch. This is the Gate of the Sacral, working out of a response that cannot be controlled.

35th Gate

Victim of the Need for Change.

Hunger gate in a new way. Let’s try a new experience. Gluttony. There is a constant dissatisfaction here. Whatever a person lives, he wants something new.

36th Gate

Victim of Vulnerability.

One of the most powerful emotional Gates. Gates of the Crisis. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of the crisis.

37th Gate

Sexual Affiliation Victim.

Comparisons between the sexes. Chauvinism. Feminism. The topic of inequality.

38th Gate

Victim of Faith to be fought.

A fighter for truth and justice for no reason. The unspent energy of struggle begins to tear the body apart. In a healthy manifestation, there is no need to fight, and others are seen as an internal core and the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones. At the level of a gift, it is the energy of perseverance. The ability to complete something. Stubbornness in a good way.

39th Gate

A victim of my moods.

Mood swings. In low nature – a provocation for aggression. And the highest is a provocation to creativity.

40th Gate

Victim of Fatigue.

People who work hard. Do for others and get tired. They need to spend time with themselves, to nourish themselves. If they do not give themselves this, they suffer.

41st Gate

Victim of Fantasies, Dreams.

Fantasies about what kind of trouble can happen.

42nd Gate

Victim of Expectations.

It manifests itself in everyone. Any expectations are doomed. Any expectation, good or bad, kills the options and makes it less interesting.

43rd Gate

A victim of the need to be right.

Prove their case. They are very sensitive to non-recognition. When they do not receive recognition, they begin to fake. They say that no one wants to hear.

44th Gate

Victim of Isolation.

The topic of communication, the relationship of fractal lines. Fear of loneliness.

45th Gate

Victim of the Poor Man’s Consciousness.

A victim of beggarly thinking. King’s gate. The pinnacle of a tribal circuit that needs funds to feed its tribe. Can get hung up on counting so that everyone has enough. Sometimes these people figure out the little things, and then suddenly waste a lot of money. Focus on money.

46th Gate

A Victim of Over Seriousness.

The downside is an orgasmic inner world. Everything is not serious. Everything’s OK! Seriousness is a shadow that seals other shadows. If there is no seriousness, there is no materialization. Therefore, it is important to learn how to regulate when you need to be serious, and when you can afford to be light and frivolous. If you get too fixated, let go.

47th Gate

Victim of Karma.

The mission of this Gate is to show the world that life is not meaningless. Show the relationship of events. People who pump through themselves all the fragments of collective events.

48th Gate

Victim of Inadequacy.

Inadequacy to this world. Fear of not getting into expectations. “Everyone laughs – I’m gloomy. Everyone is gloomy – I laugh. ” Fear of being inadequate.

49th Gate

Victim of Emotional Reactions.

The topic of emotional reactions as habits. The reaction is associated with unlived pain when we begin to react the same way as we did before. A victim of the insensitivity of others. When the Emotional Center is open, it manifests itself especially clearly as a genetic trauma associated with rejection and betrayal. The theme of emotional principles. People should be sensitive to each other. If others are not sensitive – rejection and suffering.

50th Gate

Victim of an Inharmonious Environment.

Set principles for the group. At the same time, at the level of a gift, they create harmony by themselves. Can lead group processes with customizing people.

51st Gate

Victim of Anxiety.

Theme of Anxiety and turbulence in life. Victim of comparing oneself to others. Competitiveness.

52nd Gate

Victim of Stress.

Stress and shallow breathing. The most grounding hexagram. The potential for absolute calm and stillness. At the level of the gift, these are people who enter and everyone around calms down.

53rd Gate

Victim of Failure to Finish.

Without the 42nd Gate – these are people-beginners without the energy to finish. Everybody throws up. There is no energy to go on and on.

54th Gate

Victim of Drive and its Flaw.

Energy of ambition. Energy to grow and develop. Greed. In its most extreme manifestation, the desire to reach out to God.

55th Gate

Victim of Drum.

Dramatization. Rejection of the bottom of the wave.

56th Gate

Victim of Distraction.

Distraction by the senses. Distract yourself or distract others.

57th Gate

Victim of Indecision.

Fear of tomorrow. If they think about the future “from the mind”, they are always in indecision and fear. And if they act from the moment and intuition, they can develop the gift of foresight.

58th Gate

Victim of Ingratitude.

A shadow of discontent. Life gives us abundant variety, but instead of giving thanks and rejoicing, we are dissatisfied. Grasping for joy. They always want to experience joy. Illusion: “Now, if I do something a little more, then I will always be glad.” Transfer to the future, in which I will finally be happy and joyful. Root pressure, as if something was missing. This is an illusion. It is treated through deep inner insight. Only by looking back at your whole life, you can see that it has always been this way and will always be so. You need to learn to be happy right here and now. Recognize the discontent and give thanks. Through gratitude for what is, you refocus your attention on what is, instead of suffering from what is not.

59th Gate

Victim of a Relationship.

Craving for intimacy and intimacy. The Gate of Sexuality. Even if they are not in your map, you have them. The way we are in sex. 1 Profile Line – a caveman who lays out his prey. He studied, approached, spoke and into the cave. Line 2 – Shyness is just a lure. Perverts at heart, they never show it. Line 3 – Availability. Sex with anyone interested. 4 Line – friendly. “Let’s make friends first. 5 Line – Casanova – seduction. Or likes to be seduced. 6 Line – parking for one night. Overkill. Search for the ideal.

60th Gate

A victim of Structures and Constraints.

They hate the structures of the outside world and the fact that you need to fit into some patterns, structures, restrictions. They can run into the Spirit, because the body is a limitation. The cure is acceptance of limitation. Understanding that there is nothing without limitation. Some restrictions replace others, but they always remain. The gift is the understanding that for the embodiment of the divine, a structure is needed, the ability to build a certain structure that will conduct the divine or the mystical. Accepting your limitations is the first step towards transcendence. You become free internally. Love and thank your limitations.

61st Gate

A victim of Thought Obsession.

“I want to understand everything with my mind. Why is it so. Want to know everything”. Pressure to know the world. Psychosis. The gate of communication with higher knowledge. Desire to learn secrets. Gates of the Mysteries. Mystics.

62nd Gate

Victim of the Language.

A victim of words, when you lose the essence behind the words. People who are passionate about words. They cling to words, like to talk a lot and remember dates, specifics, surprise with their erudition.

63rd Gate

Victim of Doubt.

The energy of doubt that will always be in life. These are people who doubt themselves all the time and most of all about themselves. It is important to remember that doubts are not personal. The main thing is not to doubt yourself and people. If you start to suspect someone or something, remember that this is an illusion. It is a collective energy that is directed towards action. The gift is the exploration of life.

64th Gate

Victim of Confusion.

In its pure form, unacceptable, unlived pain that plunges us into confusion. It is important to express, express, release your pain, otherwise it starts to haunt. In confusion, these people cease to understand what to do, begin to seek external authority, look at others, thereby disconnecting from their nature and their truth. The potential is enlightenment.

Richard Rudd says that the Shadow needs to be transformed into a Gift. To do this, you need to apply to her 3 diamonds, which he found in the teachings of the Buddha. These diamonds are mindfulness, compassion and transformation.

Victim patterns and their transformation

Let’s take a closer look. Mindfulness helps to recognize the state of the victim and allow it to be. You don’t have to love the Shadow, you just need to let it be and catch yourself before you can act out of it.

Then, through compassion, see the Shadow as a part of your life, accept yourself in the position of a victim. Allow this state to penetrate deeper, become larger, give it space and time. Be patient, because each pattern of victim is needed for something and arises as a defensive reaction to fear.

Transformation occurs through love when you absolutely accept the Shadow as a natural part of yourself. Let your heart melt the Shadow. This is the evaporation of the victim.

It is very important to understand that no Shadow is eternal. “The shadow is just a short night.”

To evaporate the victim and transform the Shadow into Dar, Rudd suggests using the technique of contemplation. Start with one Gene Key, with one victim, and in contemplation, be aware of it in your thoughts, emotions and actions. Until attention and acceptance dissolve her solar plexus, the source of love.

To enter the state of Gift means to take responsibility for your path, your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, so that you no longer be a victim of circumstances or whatever.

The thing that hooked me the most about this topic is that the victim pattern is not something permanent and unchanging. It is common for everyone to feel fear and insecurity and therefore employ a defensive response in the form of victim patterns. But you can and should work with this, if you find some state of victim in yourself, then absolutely definitely you have the highest manifestation of this energy in the form of a Gift.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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