Today it is very fashionable to work with your consciousness, including meditation. Daily meditation helps us to improve our health both mentally and spiritually. However, not everyone succeeds in doing this successfully. For some, meditation really helps to calm down, to achieve a state of inner balance, to begin to relate to oneself and the world more easily and consciously. And someone cannot stop the endless stream of thoughts and concentrate on some point within themselves. Why it happens?

In this article, we will consider this issue from the point of view of the device of our Bodygraph

The ability to meditate on the example of the Parietal Center

Technically, our Crown Center is responsible for the ability to meditate. It is located in the area of ​​our head and it is here that ideas and inspiration are born to look for answers to questions, explore new topics. So people with defined Crown Center tend to be in a state of mental inspiration and to be interested in certain topics almost constantly. Their head does not like to rest extremely. She’s in business all the time. And it is for this reason that meditation is not entirely appropriate for such people. 

Use of meditation

Of course, if a person with defined Crown Center makes incredible efforts and sets a goal for himself at all costs to learn to meditate, perhaps for some instant he will be able to catch that very silence in his head, without which it is extremely difficult to meditate. But the question is: why does he not need all this? If the process, which should lead to tranquility and a harmonious state of the soul, only leads to exhaustion and total fatigue, is it really worth spending your energy on it?

One of the foundations of Human Design is that each of us has a certain set of qualities and there is no point in trying to remake them, since the struggle with our own nature not only does not lead to anything good, but it is also simply devoid of meaning. And this also applies to the Crown Center and the ability to meditate.

If nature has awarded you with defined Crown Center, do not force yourself and just give up meditation! Your meditation is that you are constantly busy with interesting questions and concepts. Experiencing inspiration and studying new topics, I plunge headlong into the search for answers to unusual questions, you just achieve a state of inner peace. And while this doesn’t fit into traditional meditation concepts, you shouldn’t be worried about it. It doesn’t matter how you come to a state of rest, the main thing is that the process is enjoyable!

As for people with an open Crown Center, for them, as a rule, meditation does not present any particular difficulties. Such people have the happy opportunity to turn off their brain for a while and free their heads from unnecessary thoughts. And just at such moments, when their brain activity decreases and their head is ready to rest, they can safely begin meditation: to make room for new thoughts and ideas!

As you can see, the use of meditation is not for everyone. A simple conclusion follows from this: if the Parietal Center is defined in your Bodygraph, meditation is not exactly what you need. This means that you should not strain and force your brain to do what it is not tuned for. But if you have an open Parietal Center, you can safely meditate. But again, do not get carried away with this, because you have a huge potential for receiving and assimilating a wide variety of information! And it is this trait of yours that can ultimately help you become a truly wise person!

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