Planets play a key role in Human Design. And this is not only about the fact that at the time of our birth they are embedded in a certain way, and this is what directly affects our Bodygraph. The point is that each planet has a certain characteristic, is responsible for one or another area of ​​human life. Moreover, in this case we are not talking about some banal things, but about something more global and spiritual. Let’s say the Sun is our mission in life, what we came to this world for, the Moon is our subconscious, etc.

A little about the main astrological events of our life

When certain planets take one or another position, serious changes take place in our life. More precisely, we acquire new qualities due to the fact that our Bodygraph is changing. In total, there are four global astrological events that radically affect our life: Return of Saturn, Opposition of Uranus, Return of Chiron, Return of Saturn II. The first event that divides our life into BEFORE and AFTER is the Return of Saturn. It falls on the age of 28-32 years.

The second event, which fundamentally changes our life, happens to us at the age of about forty. And it is called – the Opposition of Uranus.

Uranus is responsible for our creativity and our future. From the point of view of astrology, Uranus is the highest planet, patronizing inventors and eccentrics. She endows other planets of the natal chart with qualities such as originality, a penchant for reform and ingenuity.

By the way, in ancient Greek mythology, the god Uranus personified Heaven and was the spouse of Gaia (Earth). In their marriage, titans and cyclops were born. Why this couple had such original children, no one knows. Agree, there is something extraordinary in this. But the fact is that it is in honor of the god Uranus that the planet we are talking about is named.

What kind of change does the Opposition of Uranus bring about?

Opposition to Uranus carries with it dramatic changes. We’ve all heard about the midlife crisis. It just falls on our forty years and is directly related to the Opposition of Uranus. Often during this period we feel complete powerlessness, apathy and unwillingness to do anything. Or, on the contrary, we fall into childhood, refuse to enter a mature life, hooligans, make rash purchases, go on a trip around the world, etc. Let’s try to figure out what is the reason for this behavior.

Uranus Opposition and middle age crisis

The thing is that the Uranus Opposition divides our life into inhalation and exhalation. That is, until the age of forty, we take one big deep breath, take from life everything that it offers us. The more conscious and deep our breath is, the more interesting and intense our exhalation can be. And this phrase has not only metaphorical, but also the most direct meaning.

Representatives of a wide variety of traditions, cultures and spiritual movements often talk about the importance of mindful breathing. We encounter this in yoga and it is written about it in many ancient Indian teachings. And breathing really plays a critical role even in our daily life. Many psychologists and spiritual practitioners claim that breathing is directly related to our emotions and that it can help us to come to a state of absolute calm. But let’s get back to breathing in the global sense of the word.

So, thanks to the influence of Uranus on our life, in its first half we take, and in the second we begin to give. Agree, it is not easy to realize that from some moment you need to completely rebuild your consciousness and your soul to new waves and vibrations. Indeed, in order to share your own knowledge, feelings and experience with others, it takes a lot of dedication. And the main difficulty is that you will no longer be able to live as before.

Change affects all areas of our lives. That is why, at the age of about forty, just as Uranus makes its adjustments to the way we go through our life, we have a crisis. We either give in to change, try to hide in our shell and do not crawl out of it until life becomes the same as before (which is impossible). Or we are trying to linger in the period when we could only take without giving anything in return, in which case our behavior begins to acquire a somewhat infantile character.

What else influences how we deal with such changes? Of course, how correctly we lived our Design in the first half of our lives. If up to forty years we deviated from our nature to a minimum, tried to trust our True Self, followed our Strategy and Authority, we meet the changes with open arms. They are not accompanied by a crisis, stress or apathy, but become a new, interesting experiment for us. And we are happy to rebuild our lives and begin to breathe deeply and consciously. But if in the first half of life we ​​resisted our own nature, chose the paths that our Mind showed us, the changes become a real test for us. It is then that we begin to behave in such a way that sometimes we shock others.

However, even if in the first half of our lives we deviated from our Design, Uranus gives us a second chance. With his opposition, we can not only begin to share with the world what we have managed to learn, realize and feel, but also begin to trust our Strategy and Authority. Thus, we can prepare ourselves to carry our Incarnation Cross, while realizing its true meaning. But this will already be another event that will happen to us with the arrival of Chiron into our lives.

How to handle with a crisis

Regardless of how we lived up to forty years: whether we followed our Design, whether we trusted the Strategy and Authority, or, on the contrary, resisted our own nature and succumbed to the influence of the False Self, the period when Uranus interferes in our life, it would be nice for us a little hold your breath before you start to exhale. Pause life, so to speak. It is advisable at this time to retire and take a look at the lived period of time, as it were, a little from the side. To realize for yourself what exactly your breath was, what we managed to take from life and what experience we would like to share with other people.

Uranus Opposition and middle age crisis

Of course, it is advisable to do this not from the mind. The past years, all the accumulated experience and knowledge must be passed through oneself, re-lived and felt. After that, perhaps, we will see the path along which we will walk in the near future, and the goal for which we will make this very exhale and give the world what we have managed to take from him before.

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