For those who have Channels from Tribal Circuit Group in the Bodygraph, it is not only the support itself that matters, but also how it is expressed. Such people need to constantly feel solidarity with their loved ones. This can be expressed in hugs, handshakes, a fleeting touch, etc. For such people, family and family traditions play the most important role. They not only support their loved ones themselves, but also feel reciprocal support from them. They are part of a whole. And the Tribal Circuit is not used to acting alone.

For a woman with Tribal Circuit activations, it is normal to say, “My husband is supporting me.” The individual person will consider this suppression, and the collective person will talk about gender equality. In order to provide their lives with family warmth and support, tribal people make various deals with each other. For example: “I will cook and clean, and you will go to work and earn money.” That is, “You are for me, and I for you.” Maximum dedication is required from both parties to the transaction. It is very important that both parties consider the terms of the agreement to be fair and fair. In the tribe, no one does anything for free – in exchange for services, other services, help, material benefits, care, love, participation are accepted.

For those who have activations in the Tribal Circuit, it is important to show concern for close people, family, and immediate environment: this includes not only financial support, but also the creation of a social structure, a sense of security and much more. Such people value hugs and touch very much. For them, this is a symbol of gratitude, understanding and support.

Tribal Circuit Group Human Design

The tribal group consists of the Ego Stream and the Protection Stream.

Tribal Circuit Group: Ego Stream

The Ego Stream represents the Community Design of Need, in which the creation and building of the community itself, the extraction of resources, the distribution of funds for the needs of the tribe are of importance. These channels are related to business: making money, distributing and spending money, as well as their correct investment.

Such people are the main support of the tribe, they do not set themselves the task of becoming the first or surpassing others. Tribal survival and practicality are important to them. Their main purpose: to take care of their loved ones and provide them with everything they need (not necessarily material).

Let’s see which Channels enter the Ego Stream and what each of them is responsible for.

  • Channel of Transformation 32-54 – carries the transformation of hard and long work into material success through the acquisition of a new social status.
  • Channel of Change 44-26 – carries the creative art of entrepreneurship, the gift of presenting information in the right way, presenting any little thing in a favorable light and feeling new trends in the market.
  • Synthesis Channel 19-49 – is responsible for the ability to be sensitive to others and recognize the needs of those close to you.
  • Community Channel 40-37 – symbolizes the search for allies to conclude profitable deals.
  • Channel of Money 45-21 – is responsible for the management of material goods and their distribution among fellow tribesmen.

Tribal Circuit Group: Protection Stream

The Protection Stream is a Community Protection Design, the main function of which is the birth and upbringing of children, guardianship of the weak representatives of the tribe. These channels have nothing to do with transactions and money. For their owners, it is important to comply with the laws of the tribe and take care of the safety of the offspring.

At the very heart of the Stream of Protection is the Sacred Center. It is he who is responsible for the reproductive system and plays a major role in the birth of a new life: not only creates it, but also supports it in the future.

Suffering in the tribe arises from the fact that parents are often influenced by the False Self. By doing this, they harm their children. That is why it is so important to study your Design, to learn to live in accordance with your Strategy and Authority.

  • Preservation Channel 50-27 – is responsible for raising offspring and instilling in them the correct values, morals and foundations.
  • Channel of Intimacy 59-6 – carries a fertile creative force, is responsible for the birth of children and new creative projects, as well as support through rapprochement and the establishment of emotional ties between people.

If a person lacks the features of Community Design, he will prefer to stay away from society and not communicate on personal topics. 

Circuit Groups, Channels and Gates are mixed on the Bodygraph, because each of us is a unique and complex mechanism. Studying the Design will allow you to understand your characteristics and purpose, which depend on the number of activations in a certain group of Circuits.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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