So Root Center is one of the four Motors in Human Design. How does a motor work? I think you can imagine. Makes a particular mechanism work and move. It’s the same with the Root Center. He gives us pressure to do something and move forward. It also produces stress hormones – in a good way. Stress is a very effective stimulator of our life. Inspiration and the inability to sit still are also part of the stress. The only question is how we manage this stress: through Strategy and Authority, or indiscriminately – just to do something and no matter what it will lead to.

It is important to note that Root Pressure alone is not a stimulus to action. It seems to urge a person to do something and sometimes it is simply impossible to cope with him, unless some action is taken as soon as possible. However, most likely, the hasty action caused by the Root Pressure will come from the False Self. Remember: any action or decision must be dictated to you by your Strategy and Authority. The pressure doesn’t tell you anything yet.

However, it cannot be ignored either. This is why it is very important to find some method by which you would give it a way out. For example, it can be regular sports, dancing, dynamic meditation – in short, some kind of activity that would combine both physical activity and aesthetic pleasure.

If we are talking about the Root Center, what Type of Personality you belong to plays a very important role here. What does the Root Center say? Go and do it! And you can calmly do this only if you are a Manifestor, because this Type comes into this world to independently initiate your own life. He does not need to wait for a response or an invitation – as soon as he feels the pressure to do something, he can immediately take action, of course, without ignoring the Strategy and Authority.

However, such Types as Generator and Projector cannot correctly initiate certain undertakings on their own. They must be able to wait. And in the process of waiting, they would need to come up with some way to deal with their pressure and stress. After all, if pressure does not find a way out, then it can be transformed into aggression, as a result of which a person will either break down on others, or simply become obsessed with what he wants to do.

Therefore, if you are not a Manifestor, but your Root Center is defined, before doing something, I advise you to first listen to your feelings and ask yourself the question: “What can I do to somehow reduce my adrenaline pressure?”.

Certain Root Center

The Root Center is identified in 60% of the population. These people are endowed with fixed pressure and are constantly at its mercy. They cannot sit still. These are exactly those individuals who need to constantly do something, although this may not always be correct. Pressure and adrenaline in such people can manifest itself in very different ways – depending on which other Center their root is connected to.

The Root Center can be associated with the Sacral, with the Spleen or the Solar Plexus Center and, accordingly, form Channels with them.

Root Center + Sacred Center

If a person’s Root Center is connected with the Sacral , this means that he has a fixed way of living his energy and operating it in everyday life. That is, the pressure of a person whose Root is associated with the Sacral finds its expression through the vitality and manifestation of energy every day – in a gradual, measured way. Take Channel 9-52 (Concentration) for example. In the True Self, such people live their lives in a gradual, focused, logically detailed way. The pressure of such people makes them rest and concentrate tightly on anything that elicits their response. At first it may seem that these people are inert and slow, but this is not so.

Root Center

Imagine the situation. Your spouse with Channel 9-52 is arranging books on the bookshelf, and you invite him or her to take a break for dinner. He tells you that he would like to finish the books first and then have supper. What do you think at this moment? Probably: “Damn you with your books ?! Can’t it be postponed? Dinner is getting cold! ”. Well, or something softer. However, if at this moment you still allow your spouse to finish with the books, do not distract him (her), then later you will be surprised how convenient, logical and perfectly arranged the books on your bookshelf! So keep in mind that the pressure to stay focused can bring very small but very interesting results. Of course, the fruits are significant.

Root Center + Spleen

If the Root Center is connected to the Spleen , it means that such a person has a fixed way of working with pressure to survive. For example, by fixing what doesn’t work if Channel 58-18 (Judgments) is defined. The pressure of the 58th Gates makes the bearer of this Channel be interested in how the systems, schemes, templates of this world are arranged and see imperfections in them, the correction of which is actually offered by the Channels of the collective logical circuit (including 58-18).

But the 18th Gate, located in the Spleen Center, helps to see and concretize these very imperfections. Imagine: a man with Channel 58-18 went to a press screening of a new film, followed by a discussion. So he watched the film and he naturally had thoughts about what it is not good with and how it could be improved. And if, after the screening, a journalist approaches him and asks for his opinion, then he simply will not be able to restrain himself and his pressure is realized in the form of a critical remark.

Root Center + Solar Plexus Center

Finally, if the Root Center is associated with the Solar Plexus Center, such people have a fixed way of dealing with stress and are constantly craving new emotions and new experiences. For example, if a person has Channel 41-30 (Confessions) defined, then he will constantly feel as if he lacks something for a full life. He will want something new: emotions, experiences, experience. And being unable to cope with his pressure, he will every now and then initiate something – make new acquaintances and try to carry other people into some kind of adventure. However, this will not always be correct. But there is a great way to deal with pressure – to get creative. And when the carrier of Channel 41-30 wants, say, to go on a round-the-world trip, he can sit down and write a story about it – isn’t it an option?

So, as you can see, the Root Center has many different plots, scenarios and paths. But people with a specific Root Center can always find a competent use of their pressure. And for this, of course, you need to follow the Strategy and Authority.

Open Root Center

Oh, I really do not envy people with an open Root Center who find themselves at the mercy of social norms or pressure from other people – those who have a Root Center. Such people (with an open root) reflect all the stress that is present in their environment. They let everything through themselves and experience double the size. But they don’t have a fixed way to deal with stress.

And there is no pressure to be constantly in action. And what are others doing in the meantime? Tell them they need to do more, faster, and better. But people with an open Root Center are not able to be in the correct active state all the time, because they do not have enough adrenaline and stress hormones for fruitful activity. Therefore, they can do “just what”.

Root Center

What should such people do? To begin with, do not succumb to the influence of the False Self and learn to defend your boundaries – to do exactly as much as you have enough strength, not to overwork, not to succumb to pressure from outside. It is also very important for people with an open Root Center to find a way for themselves to deal with stress. It can be some kind of exercise, practice – you can and should experiment with this!

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