Today we’re going to talk about how to properly live the Splenic Center False Self.

Splenic Center is where our fears, intuitive insights, and premonitions accumulate. It is the Splenic Center that is responsible for our safety and shows us the paths we need to follow. It is through the Splenic Center that we receive signals from our body telling us that we are moving in an unsafe direction and that we need to urgently change route. Very often the signals from the body are perceived incorrectly and transformed into fears and even phobias. The topic of fear is especially relevant for carriers of open Splenic Center. For them, even the most insignificant fear can turn their lives upside down and force them to make incorrect decisions.

If you have open Splenic Center, the easiest thing you can do to live your Design incorrectly is to constantly give in to fears and be afraid of everything. If someone next to you talks about their fear, take it all to heart, start scrolling through your head. That way it will be easier for you to adopt this fear. After all, the more fear you have, the safer your life may end up being, right? You’ll be afraid of everything and you’ll be able to work out the safest route, you’ll be able to come to a place where you won’t be threatened by anything.

Splenic Center False Self

Another option is to deny your fears, to pretend they don’t exist. If you’re afraid of something, just pretend it’s okay and go where you think it might not be safe for you. Go there no matter what. The stronger your fear, the better. And if you ignore it, it will get even bigger and eventually you’ll just get lost in your own fears.

But what about if you have defined Splenic Center?

It’s even simpler here. Just ignore your intuitive insights and your body’s signals. If your body warns you of danger through pain and other unpleasant sensations, pretend it’s not there and listen to the arguments of your Mind. After all, this premonition is utter nonsense. You have to live according to your mind and only according to your mind. Especially if you have Splenic Inner Authority.

Suppose you have to go to a job interview. Suddenly you have an unpleasant sensation. That is, your body is warning you that you don’t need to go to the planned meeting. But you ignore the signals of your body and still go to the interview. How it all turns out, you never know. But the most important thing is that you ignored your premonition and listened to the arguments of your mind. And that means you did the right thing!

Another option is to impose your intuitive feelings on everyone around you. Even if nobody asks you, tell everybody what you feel, and preferably do it in a persistent and aggressive form. You know better than anyone else how and who needs to live. And your fears are not only necessary for you, they may also serve an excellent service to your friends, family and friends.

And most importantly: ignore your Strategy and Authority. Your mind knows best how you ought to live your life. Listen to it and it will always lead you in the right direction!

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