In any rave map, you can see not only filled or empty Centers and Channels, but also Gates, some of which are in definite Centers and some of which part of them remains “sleeping” in undefined or completely open Centers.

It is such Gates that are called sleeping. What effect do they have on human being?

Since dormant Gates are activated Gates in an indeterminate Center, so the qualities, the traits of character, the lines of behavior that they carry within them, are as if in dormant mode. But this is true until these Gates connects into a Channel through interaction with another person or under the influence of transit. As soon as this happens, the “sleeping” quality is awakened and the person most often manifests and is repeatedly temptation to manifest it.

However, this is where the risk of stepping on a rake is high: even if a previously dormant quality
even if a previously dormant quality “wakes up” for a certain period of time, this is still not a reason to initiate action out of it.

It means that as soon as the dormant gates “fall asleep” again and the transit/interaction of the auras is over, the energy, the fuel for manifestation of this quality will be gone.

It turns out that this or that trait of a person will be activated only during interaction with certain people or during appropriate transit weather, but it won’t become his permanent part, and therefore it is wrong to make decisions based on its presence.

Let’s consider a small example. Since the chemistry in a dormant Gate is impermanent in
unlike the constant activations in certain Centers, a person may sometimes may think, for example, “wow, this is how I can do it,” or “I didn’t think I was capable of this myself,” or “this is just able to do this” or “this is just a great idea and I need to “and we’ve got to put it into practice. But here it is very important for him not to forget that such thoughts/ideas/convictions/emotions come to him in the wake of interactions with other people or under the influence of transits of celestial bodies, and it is only an illusion of possessing a certain trait, not an actual fact.

Therefore, the proverb “Measure twice, cut once” is more relevant than ever. Sometimes it is better not to cut at all, because it is categorically wrong to make decisions on the wave of this energy. At the same time, to act consciously using this energy for your own good, you can. Why not? For example, if you have 45 Gate (the 4th Line) is dormant, it means you don’t have a constant energy to broadcast your benefit and influence someone in order to get something material for yourself. So you can do this, but you have to remember that the power to do this will be impermanent.

Sleeping and Hanging Gates

To summarize, there are a few main points regarding the influence of of a person with a dormant Gate:

Sleeping Gates can “nudge” the mind to initiate actions that bypass Strategy and Authority, creating in it an illusory confidence in the abilities or personality traits that one broadcasts under their influence.

As long as the dormant Gates remain so, they may manifest from the “false self” of the indeterminate Center in which they reside.

The temptation to manifest the qualities of sleeping gates at the moment of their “awakening” is great, but one should not be in a hurry to make decisions. But it is even advisable to consciously (realizing that this is all a temporary effect) use the energy for one’s own benefit.


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