Few people know that a Gate in your chart can only have 2 states. Sleeping and Hanging. It depends on the state of the center they are in. If the center is defined, then the gates in it will be hanging. If the center is not defined, then the gates with their qualities will be sleeping. In this article we will talk about sleeping gates and you will understand why studying the gates in your chart you need to understand in what state they are.

These are the kind of Gates that are called sleeping Gates. What effect do they have on a person? Since a sleeping gate is a gate in an undefined Center, the qualities, character traits, behavior that they carry are in a dormant mode.

This is the case until this Gate is joined into a Channel through interaction with another person or under the influence of a transit of planets. Once that happens, the dormant quality wakes up for a while.
awakens and the temptation to manifest it increases many times over.

However, it is here that the risk of stepping on a rake is great: even if the previously dormant quality has “awakened” for a certain period of time, it is still not a reason to initiate actions with its application. After all, the very Center, in which the sleeping Gate is activated, as it was and remains undefined, and therefore as soon as the sleeping Gate “sleeps” again because of the fact that the transit of planets will be replaced by another or the person who activated your sleeping Gate will leave, then the energy for the manifestation of this quality in the sleeping Gate will no longer be.

Let’s consider a small example. Since the energy in the sleeping gate is inconstant, a person may sometimes think: “wow, this is how I can do it” or “I didn’t think I could do it” or “this is just a great idea and it should be realized as soon as possible”. It’s just an illusion of possessing a trait, not an actual fact. Being in a delusion you can do a lot of unnecessary things and create incorrect plans for yourself.

Sleeping Gates

Therefore, it is very important to think well before realizing those plans where the sleeping gate qualities are to be applied.

Application of sleep gates

Get it right. Sleeping gate qualities can be used to your advantage, but it should be done as consciously and carefully as possible.

On the Internet there are only the usual texts about gates and recommendations for them, without taking into account their state of sleeping or hovering. If you want to get accurate information about all your sleeping gates, then order the decoding of our partners. They have a lot of exclusive information with detailed descriptions and recommendations.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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