Sleep is just as important a need in our body as food, water and physical activity. Sleep in Human Design is one of the most important life factors. However, if we don’t like to deny ourselves food, then we sometimes treat our sleep schedule with disdain: we go to bed late, sleep less than normal hours for our health, sometimes on uncomfortable beds, sofas, not wanting to spend money on high-quality mattresses, pillows … This is not the right approach …

A lot depends on the quality of sleep:

– our health

– efficiency

– appearance (especially for girls: skin problems, dull look)

– quick response

– the ability to perceive new information and, finally,

– our mood!

If we didn’t get enough sleep, then nothing pleases us anymore and all day we dream only of how to get to the pillow and close our eyes with pleasure … Do you know this state?

Undoubtedly, there are general reasons that negatively affect our sleep, such as: noise, anxious thoughts, the need to finish some business, despite the late hour, which “cuts off” a significant “chunk” of our night’s health-related rest time.

Sleep in Human Design

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you sleep for 8 hours, but wake up “rumpled” and “broken”. And sometimes after 4 hours of sleep do you feel active and cheerful? The Human Design System views sleep as a separate area of ​​study in its system.

You will probably be surprised, but Human Design strongly recommends sleeping in your personal space, in your own aura. Yes, yes – you understood correctly – apart from your husband, wife, partner, children. Sounds somewhat shocking. Imagine the reaction of your loved one when you say in all seriousness: “Dear (dear), we need to sleep separately.” It will sound like a punishment for offense or a demonstration of cooling feelings.

Do not hurry. Let’s figure it out.


In the dream, programming takes place, so it is important to ensure that this process is correct. Falling asleep, we enter an unconscious state and are exposed to external energy. We cannot control the flow of necessary and unnecessary information, and therefore we absorb what is available nearby.

People with undefined Centers (Sacred, Root, Emotional, Heart) during sleep especially clearly suffer from the influence of someone else’s aura. If, for example, your partner has an Emotional Center, but you do not, then his dreams will be broadcast to you. A generator that cannot sleep also broadcasts its anxiety to you, especially if you are a Reflector.

Try sleeping separately, at least as an experiment, and compare your feelings. In addition, Human Design recommends different sleep patterns for different genetic types. So, it’s not difficult to remember: Reflectors, Projectors, Manifestoors – fade out gradually, Generators and Manifesting Generators – turn off.

If the Generator has not used up its energy to the end, then it will not be able to fall asleep for a long time: it will toss and turn, endlessly look at the clock, take sleeping pills, look at the ceiling, but all in vain. The following story can also happen to him: he fell asleep easily, woke up in the middle of the night and was not in one eye … It is important to understand: the Generator has its own sleep pattern and he needs to go to bed only when he has completely used up his energy: tired, fell and switched off. His body itself regulates how much to sleep and, sometimes, 4 hours are enough for recovery.

The Manifesting Generator has a similar situation, but on top of that, having depleted his energy, he can fall asleep right at work, resting his head on the table. For the rest of the types, everything is somewhat simpler – you need to go to bed in advance, when you still do not really want to sleep and gradually go to bed: read a light book, look at beautiful photos on Instagram, watch a calm program on TV, listen to music (there are many successful selections on YouTube ” Music for sleep “).

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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