Let’s talk about Definition in Human Design. What it is? This is the nature of the connectivity of our Centers. Defined Centers connected with each other by this or that Channel can also be connected with each other. Or, for example, in the Bodygraph there may be two defined Centers connected to each other and two others that are not connected with the first. This is Definition.

How does this affect our behavior? First of all, Definition affects how we feel in this world. How self-sufficient we are and do we need someone to feel like a full-fledged independent person.

Types of Definitions

In total, there are five types of Definitions in Human Design.

None Definition. A similar phenomenon occurs only in a Design of such a Type as a Reflector, which does not have a single Channel and not a single defined Center. Only some Gates. Such people do not have a fixed energy and, as a result, there is None Definition.

How does this affect behavior? People with a lack of Definition are very fluid and changeable. During the lunar cycle, changes occur to them. They try on different roles. They try themselves in one, then in another. Accordingly, there can be no question of any Definition here.

Only 1% of the world’s population have None Definition.

Single Definition. This is when all activated Centers are interconnected into a single system. In practice, this means that a person with such a Definition will be independent of other people. And this will manifest itself in his behavior and in almost all areas of his life. Self-sufficiency will accompany him in work, creativity and in relationships. This is absolutely normal for him.

Single Definition occurs in about 41% of people.

Split Definition. It has place when in the Bodygraph there are two Centers connected to each other, two groups of activations, two certainties, not connected to each other by any Channel. Such people gravitate towards partnerships very much. Moreover, this can manifest itself not only in personal life, but also in work and business. Let’s say a person with Split Definition wants to start a business. Most likely, he will not do this alone, but will involve someone in the case who will support him. And for him it will be natural. Such people should not strive for independence. At least not in all life matters. By acting in tandem with someone, they can achieve much greater success than if they were acting alone.

There are about 46% of people with Split Definition.

Triple Split Definition. In this case, there are three distinct determinations in the Bodygraph. Namely: three pairs of defined Centers connected by Channels. Being in a crowd plays an important role in the lives of these people. They should not be confined to any one person. Being in public places as much as possible, joining in collective projects – this is the true lot of people with Triple Split Definition. Doing something on their own or even in a pair with someone is a little off for them.

Triple Split Definition

There are about 11% of people with Triple Split Definition.

Quadruple Split Definition. In this case, there are four parts in the Bodygraph that are not connected to each other. Namely: four pairs of defined Centers, not in any way unrelated to each other. Such a Definition is rare enough. Such people can digest and assimilate new information for a long time. It takes time for them to accept or try something new. They shouldn’t make quick decisions. We need to weigh the pros and cons. And how you should listen to yourself before deciding something.

But at the same time, such people do not like public places. They need close and trusting relationships and a cozy environment. However, they need this relationship to change from time to time. For such people, it is absolutely normal to first be friends with one person, after a year with another, and a year later with a third.

People with Quadruple Split Definition are less than 1%.

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at Single Definition.

Single Definition 

In fact, people with Single Definition constitute the backbone of our society. These are absolutely self-sufficient individuals who can rely only on themselves. They don’t need someone to start a new business or just feel like a happy person. As a rule, such people are confident in themselves and do not doubt their own abilities. Although, of course, such behavioral features depend on other elements of the Bodygraph.

Another trait of people with Single Definition: they usually do not need approval from the outside. It is enough for them that they themselves believe in their own strength. Even being in long-term partnerships, such people try to show self-sufficiency. Or, say, if we are talking about a work collective, a person with Single Definition can from time to time show absolute independence and make decisions, even without holding a high position.

Individuals with Single Definition are definitely beneficial to this world. However, if all people were as self-sufficient and independent, our society would cease to be full-fledged. And it is for the purpose of rallying that people with double, triple and quadruple Definitions meet in our life!

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