Human Design is a whole system that has absorbed elements from several sciences and teachings. The first acquaintance with the topic opened before me a whole universe of amazing knowledge that can change the life of everyone. Among other incredibly interesting elements, there is another important topic that concerns everyone. This is a sexual trauma.

Richard Rudd, who has devoted half his life to the study of design, identifies six lines of sexual trauma. Each of them, depending on the full value of the manifestation, has two opposite directions. These lines allow you to more deeply understand the internal problems that become the cause of the formed patterns of behavior in sexual relations.

Sexual trauma

There are opposites in every Line. They are called “shadow” and “gift”. “Gift” is the true purpose of this or that line. A “shadow” is what comes instead of a “gift” if a person lives relying on the False “I”. That is, a substitution takes place.

To live according to your Design, you need to learn to be aware of your “shadows”, to accept them. In this case, you will enter the path of transformation, when the lived experience of the False Self will allow you to be reborn with a “gift”.

Line 1 – sterility / fertility

The high frequency of Line 1 people attracts only fruitful relationships into their lives. They may be sad or short-lived, but you will surely find something in them that lies beyond the bounds of carnal pleasure. Their result can be both positive aspects: affection, love or the creation of a family, and negative ones: parting, sadness about the loss, etc. But they will always be holistic – each experience of a relationship will be stored in your heart and will serve as an incentive for further searches.

The low frequency of the first Line attracts “sterile” relationships to life. They are pure in nature and do not carry any emotional overtones. Regular sex, to get rid of the feeling of emptiness within yourself at least for a while. Such relationships can be called static – they will never move from the point at which they were created. The danger of a low Line frequency is not even that you stop seeing meaning in a relationship. No, it is much more unpleasant that such a life will gradually drain you. And the longer you stay in the “shadow” of the Line, the more you will get used to it. And the more difficult it will be for you to start changing yourself.

To unleash the potential of the first line, you need to change your attitude. Not your partner, not the people around you, but yourself. What is attracted to you in your life depends primarily on you. If you want an easy and relaxed relationship, then you will meet people with the same intentions. Understand – in such a situation, they are not at all obliged to “pierce” your shell and pull out your feelings – after all, you were looking for exactly what you got!

If the spark has disappeared in the relationship, then you just need to be able to open your heart again. Don’t seek support from your partner – you have to show him your attitude yourself! You will be able to achieve the “gift” of your Line only if you learn to accept a person as he is. With all its flaws and flaws. Only by falling in love with him entirely, and not just his “bright” side, you will be able to achieve true pleasure from such a relationship.

Line 2 – Lust / Passion

The second Line can be called the most expressive. At a high frequency, it manifests itself in people’s lives in the form of passion. Passion is not just a desire to get something, not just a need. It is an animal instinct flavored with awareness. If you live your Line at a high frequency, then just a carnal relationship with a person is not enough for you. Of course, they are needed as a way of splashing out your passion, but at the same time you feel deeply in love. Instincts align with your heart, and you can show your partner your true feelings through your sexual energy!

If you live your Line at a low frequency, then you will be motivated not by love for a person, but by fear. Fear is different: fear of being alone, fear of feeling something for a person, or, on the contrary, not feeling. It cloudes the mind, and does not allow “consciously” to be imbued with relationships. I’ve seen people like that a lot, and maybe you too. They try to find a partner not in order to build something together with him, but to avoid suffering. A relationship built on such fear can never be called real.


To awaken the potential of your Lineage, I advise you to learn not to suppress your feelings with sexual energy. To do this, you just need to let go of your fear and open your heart. And if you see something more behind a seemingly one-day relationship, then isn’t that wonderful? Passion is not the same thing as lust or lust. It is based not on the animal instinct to find a match, but on the urge of the heart.

Only when you let go of your fear and are ready for any manifestation of your feelings can you find the person you are meant to be. Instead of fear, you will begin to use the energy of love to fuel the relationship. And then you will endow your partner with passion – your greatest “gift”!

Line 3 – promiscuity / playfulness

Third Line people can be called the most cautious in relationships. On the other hand, they are more than others ready to “surrender” to the right person, to fully devote themselves to him. In such a relationship, sexual energy does not play a big role. They are playful enough without it. It is much more important for such people to feel a spiritual connection with a person, to trust him. And all platonic relationships are relegated to the background.

If you live your Line at a low frequency, then you will receive a substitution of priorities. And instead of spiritual closeness with one person, you will have multiple relationships, where sex is at the forefront. Messy relationships will not be needed for the sake of sex as such, but rather for the sake of “trying” to get closer. But as soon as they start to grow into something more, you will immediately close your heart, try to “escape” from this relationship. And the longer you adhere to this pattern of behavior, the longer you will be a participant in such a relationship. After all, you attract exactly the same thing that you radiate yourself.

But the problem is, deep down, you want a serious relationship with all your heart. But fear prevents you from truly opening up to anyone. You are afraid that you might be disappointed in the relationship, afraid to become too attached to the wrong person. There may be many reasons for this – perhaps your heart has already been broken once, and this has influenced you too much to re-open to a new person.


There is one little secret to unleashing the potential of your Line. Perhaps it will seem to you a little different from what you expected. There is no painless way to solve problems. There is no growth without pain. To grow up and learn to “trust” people in a new way, you need to realize and accept all your past experience. Do not run away from it, do not hide it away in memory, but accept and use it.

Treat it like a game or a movie plot. Everything that happened to you before was absolutely necessary. Only through the experience you have lived will you be able to meet the person who is really meant for you.

Line 4 – frigidity / romance

The Fourth Line carries a tremendous potential for intimacy. Living their Line at a high frequency, such people become incredibly romantic. They seem to radiate love and warmth to their partner, do not give him the slightest reason to doubt the seriousness of the relationship. And the main source of their energy is warmth and tenderness, first of all for themselves. After all, if you fail to love yourself, then you cannot treat anyone else like that.

At a low frequency of the Line, all the romance of the relationship is replaced by frigidity. That is, instead of giving your partner bright feelings, you show him your cold attitude. Such a model of behavior is detrimental to the relationship – after all, as he treats a person, so he will treat you!


If you’re having a tense moment in a relationship, then you should be giving your partner a lot more love than usual. This is the only way you can heal him and, more importantly, yourself. Don’t shut out your feelings or try to hide problems. Discuss them, but do not reproachfully. Remember – your goal is to overcome the conflict together, not to “defeat” your partner.

One of the biggest secrets in a relationship is tone of voice. You can smile, you can say that everything is fine, but your tone can never deceive a person. He is like a mirror of the soul – immediately shows the slightest coldness and tension. Love is not expressed in what you say to a person, but in how you say it and in what you do.

Therefore, mindfulness in relationships is very important to you. Even if you understand all the problems you have, you must understand reasonably that you want to solve them. Demonstrating disdain for your partner is only possible if you really want to get the same attitude from him.

The secret to being loved is to love yourself. Love yourself, love your partner anew, and remember to show your love. Not only by actions, but also by words, and most importantly, by tone. This is the only way you can overcome difficulties in your relationship.

Line 5 – Trap / Sensuality

Line 5 people can be called the most vulnerable and vulnerable. They radiate an unimaginable energy of sensuality, spreading to the people they love. Living at a high frequency of their Line makes them incredibly attractive – on the verge of instincts, they understand how great their sexual energy is and know how to use it competently. With her help, they irrevocably fall in love with their partners.

But the trouble is that you can fall into the trap of your own sensuality when you start taking people’s opinions too close to your heart. The low frequency of the 5th Line is to build a barrier between oneself and other people. To do this, you simply suppress your true self, trying to create a new personality. You are trying to convince yourself that you and your new “image” are different people. This means that the pain that is inflicted on the “image” will not cause discomfort to your “I”.

You are afraid that your sensuality may be perceived by other people with hostility, that they may not accept it, or even laugh at you because of it. The more your fear, the more you sink into the image of the False Self. Of course, thanks to your sexual energy, the False Self can easily manipulate others and will never be vulnerable. But I want you to stop and think – does this kind of life really give you pleasure?

The longer you wear the mask, the more you will plunge into the abyss of your own deception. Your fear will drive you into the trap of your own lies, and it will be more difficult to get out of it every day. You will have to always keep in mind a plan of action for your “image”. This personality change will bring you nothing but suffering and stress.


To get rid of this trap, you must recognize and accept your vulnerability. Don’t hide from your sensuality – learn to enjoy it, not become a victim of it! Remember – the opinions of the people around you do not in any way affect the kind of person you are. Unless you yourself want it. By succumbing to the provocation of your low self-esteem, you risk losing what makes you truly yourself. Tell me: is there any point in living someone else’s life if its only “products” are only stress and discomfort? Accept yourself and your vulnerability – this is where the path of your transformation begins.

Line 6 – Disappointment / Innocence

People belonging to Line 6 can feel deep love from early childhood. Of course, other Lines are capable of this too. But unlike them, the soul of the six does not “coarse”, and she is always ready to fully open up to her partner. For them, every relationship is like the first time, and they do not project resentment for the old relationship onto the new person. They learn from mistakes, but they never try to blame the world or anyone else for them. These are the people of the 6th Line when they live it at a high frequency.

But at the low frequency of the Line, constant frustration will drain you. You are always looking for a relationship, and you are always disappointed in it. It seems to you that this is not the ideal that you dream of in your soul. That you may be wasting your time with this person, and at this time your fate eludes you.

The saddest thing is that despite all the mistakes, despite all the disappointment, deep down you still hope to find what is predetermined for you. Mentally, you no longer believe that you will find true love, but you try to do it again and again, each time becoming more and more disappointed.

Sooner or later, you will start projecting your frustration onto your partner. Blame him for not meeting your expectations. But he doesn’t have to match them! After all, these are your expectations, which may have nothing to do with this person! Having understood this, you will notice that only you yourself were the source of all your problems.


The image of the ideal person with whom you want to be should push you to change first of all yourself. Take it as a model and become what you dream of yourself. After all, you attract what you yourself are. When you realize how difficult it is to change even yourself, you finally realize how futile your attempts were to change the other person.

To unleash the potential of your Line, you should not think of the ideal as the only possible outcome. Yes, deep down, you will never give up trying to find the best. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying what you have now.

Understand that dreaming more is not a reason to be disappointed in what you have now. Think of this feeling as a stimulus that will constantly push you forward. Free your soul from disappointment and then you will always be open to new love.

Revealing the potential of your Line, and sincerely enjoying everything that happens to you in life, sooner or later fate will lead you to what is intended for you. And you must meet this with an open heart, ready for new discoveries and adventures.


The low frequency of the Line in personal relationships is not at all something that should be panicked. It is with its help that you can see the innermost layers of your own desires. It is given to you so that you can learn from your past experiences. Only then will you be ready for what is meant for you.

Reaching the potential of the Line is not that difficult. You just need to add “awareness” to your relationship. You must recognize and accept your vulnerabilities. True intimacy does not occur in an “ideal” relationship. Closeness occurs only when people recognize each other’s weaknesses and accept them with all their hearts. And remember – you cannot find your destiny with your Mind alone. You must find a balance between him and your Personality. Realize your fears with your Mind, but accept them with your heart.

Human design is a real breakthrough in the field of self-knowledge. In it you will find not just a collection of “useful tips”, but a real guide on where to get motivation, what are your priorities in life, and much more! Believe me, this will be a turning point in your life for you – no human design practitioner has yet regretted this exciting experiment!

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