There are 4 Genetic Types in total on the Earth and among them the Projectors are the second most common, their number is about 20%. With all this only Projectors exist in order to constantly interact with other people – they can live and prosper only with the help of others.

The basis of any Projector is an amazing attentiveness to others. Representatives of this Type can easily see such traits and qualities in other people that they themselves cannot see in themselves. The most interesting thing here is that to the extent that Projectors are attentive to others, they are just as blind to themselves. They are constantly forced to get lost in the mysteries of their own personalities, not understanding who they really are and what they live for.

And it is not that Projectors cannot make sense of themselves. It is rather that their attention is directed outward rather than inward almost all the time. It is in their nature to try to understand and unravel others, naively believing that they already know themselves very well. Of course, that is an illusion. They often ascribe to themselves traits that are inaccessible to them simply because they would like to think of themselves that way. And these traits can be both positive and negative. Indeed, if projectors would spend at least a bit of attention they direct to others on themselves, both they and our society would live much easier.

But even in spite of this, from time to time Projectors do manage to pay a little bit of attention to themselves. And what do they see? Mostly they look not for what they have, but for what they do not have. Especially in comparison with other people. That is their self-analysis often passes a priori on a negative note, and it is completely biased. Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses, but if you focus only on the negative, it will be impossible to achieve any growth. One can only plunge oneself into the abyss of disappointment and bitterness at the realization that they are inferior to others in some aspect or another.

This is why Projectors are often surprised by how others see them. After all, other people do not purposely try to pick out only the bad traits of Projectors, instead noting their virtues as a priority. Why is this so? Why is it that where a Projector sees a complexed loser, others look for a talented and promising person? It is, of course, the natural “depth” of Projectors. They are inherently endowed with a very lively intellect that contributes to their development in many, sometimes unrelated, ways. People may not understand it mentally, but subconsciously they feel the rich inner world of the Projectors.

Self-Knowledge for Projector

When people of two different Types (Projector and another) meet, a contact may arise between them, conditioning mutual striving for a common goal. In this case the other person can easily feel the abilities of the Projector and allow him/her to guide him/herself. Of course, in some situations this is instantaneous, in others it may take months or even years. And the funny thing about this is that it is when dealing with those who are interested in the Projector that the Projector tends to be the most “self-absorbed,” immersed in who he is dealing with. And there is simply no time or energy left to focus on his own strengths.

What should Projector do in this case? How can he learn to recognize himself behind the noise of life boiling around him? There is really only one way. It is a long and hard work with one’s mechanics, introspection and a conscious redirection of attention to one’s own person when interacting with other people. And the most important thing is not to forget that it is impossible for a Projector to realize himself on his own. Only in contact with society.

Of course, first of all, one must learn how to use one’s Strategy competently and be able to filter positive invitations from negative ones. Even if it’s about working with others, you should always prioritize your own aspirations. Only through the correct connections will the Projector learn to enjoy life and understand his own nature.

To summarize. There is no way for Projector to know himself in a vacuum. This realization comes only through contact with other people. But there must be many contacts – only regular practice will allow one to learn to look at oneself so that the gaze is not overshadowed by the concerns of others. Also, the contacts must be of high quality – if the Projector spends his energy on everyone, the only thing he will achieve is burnout and only aggravation of negative self-perception scenarios.

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