Today we are going to talk about the planets in Human Design and how they affect our lives. Specifically, we will talk about Saturn, Uranus and Chiron in Human Design, as these are the planets that determine the turning points in our lives.

Since the end of the 18th century, mankind has once again experienced a mutation that has directly affected life expectancy. The present man is able to live up to a minimum of 84 years, remaining active and productive. And this period has three phases, each of which is influenced in a special way by the planets.

Oddly enough, the start of each new life phase is called a return. It is the mark at which a particular planet returns to the point where it was at the time of one’s birth. And each such return marks the start of a certain life period, which imposes an additional program to our basic realization, brings lessons we have to go through to gain experience.

Saturn Uranus and Chiron in Human Design

Let’s look at each of the periods in more detail.

Return of Saturn

We are accustomed to reaching adulthood and becoming adults at age 21. It is at this point that we feel our new life begins. In particular, we can make independent decisions, know the answers to many questions, and begin to discover ourselves in our professional fields.

Around the age of 25, the pressure on social topics becomes especially palpable. However, this is true for the past, but not for the present.

The fact is that Saturn returns at age 28-30. This is when we enter adulthood. The Saturn return is of particular importance to people whose Profile has a 6th line, as they go to the roof during this period.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design system, referred to the return of Saturn as death. In a figurative sense, of course. It is really the first tangible crisis in a person’s life, the withering away of the old, the breaking away from the old, the fledgling flying out of the nest into independent adulthood.

Uranus opposition

This event marks the mid-life of the modern individual. It occurs around the age of 40-43. The moment of Uranus opposition literally divides life into before and after. Namely, into the first period, when we gained experience and wisdom, and the second period, when we have to start giving it all away, realizing ourselves. So we stop inhaling and start exhaling. This is the time of the midlife crisis, when we finally realize that living as we did before is no longer possible.

As this stage approaches, significant and irrevocable changes begin to occur in our lives. And often the view is literally reversed. This is a period of dramatic change, global reassessments, and steep turns. Most people make decisions based on the work of the Mind rather than the Inner Authority, and the consequences of drastic decisions can even be tragic. You don’t have to change anything in your life on purpose, much less try to fix yourself. All changes in perception are part of the mechanics, they are simply inevitable and happen by themselves.

Chiron’s Return

The return of Chiron occurs around the age of 50. This is the period when one’s potential can be maximized. In essence, this is the prime of life, when true adult consciousness is just beginning, as the previous years and cycles of the individual grows, matures, gains experience, and nurtures his or her consciousness. People with the 6th line in the Profile this period come down from the roof and begin to share their experiences. And here he is met with either a reward for honesty or a punishment for hypocrisy.

The return of Chiron is a kind of final examination. At this point, new doors open. And if we have lived our Design correctly before, we can reach our potential even more.

You should not make any serious life decisions in the period between cycles. Feel the ground beneath your feet or wait for clarity from the space in which you find yourself. Whatever the cycle, the most important thing is Strategy and Inner Authority. Trust them and each new period will bring you new opportunities and lessons through which you will mature!

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