How to effectively live out Sacral Center False Self? In fact, bearers of open Sacral are very lucky in the sense that it is not at all difficult to live False Self of this Center. You don’t have to make any tremendous efforts to do it. It’s enough to become a workaholic and work harder than anyone else. How do you do this?

To begin with, stop listening to yourself. Never try to balance work and rest. Work until you feel completely exhausted and fall off your feet. Be guided by your colleagues. If you are tired and someone else is still working, don’t try to get kicked out of the team. Try to work even harder than the hardest workers in your firm. Ideally you should not take breaks at all, and work from early morning until late evening. It is also desirable not to go on vacation. At all. Why should you rest when you can work?

If you didn’t have time during the day to do what you planned, be sure to take the work home. After all, who will do your work instead of you?

Another important point: in no case make a schedule for the day. After all, why would you make a schedule if you will be working all day anyway? You don’t have time to go to the gym, to do your favorite hobby or to devote time to your family, do you?

By the way, be prepared for the fact that your bosses will hang on you the maximum number of work tasks. And you should by no means refuse this. You have already gained a reputation as a hardworking employee, right? Be sure to maintain this image and do not give yourself a slack!

Sacral Center False Self

What to do if you do not have enough work? Be sure to take on overtime tasks, the more the better.

And what to do on the weekends? Find things to do at home. Do housecleaning, renovation, and shelving. Most importantly, don’t rest. And especially do not think about going into nature or having a picnic. This is very bad for you!

What about if you have defined Sacral Center?

Everything is a little bit more complicated there. Nevertheless, if you try hard, the energy of defined Sacral can also be distorted. How do you do that?

Like carriers of an undefined Sacral, you have to work as hard as you can and never give yourself a minute’s respite. This is a universal remedy that works for absolutely everyone!

Even better: only work at a job you don’t like. If you are annoyed by what you are doing, do not change it. And what if your job suits you completely? Start looking in it all sorts of possible minuses and shortcomings. Cling to any little things, express your dissatisfaction, with the main emphasis on what annoys you. And be sure to close your eyes to what you like and brings you satisfaction.

If you suddenly find yourself looking for a job, choose it, guided by the arguments of your mind, do not wait for a response and be sure to ignore Strategy and Authority. In this case you are guaranteed to get a state of dissatisfaction and frustration, constantly feeling that you are wasting your energy.

After all, dissatisfaction and frustration are much better than joy and ease of being, right?

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