Only Generators with open Emotional Center have Sacral Authority. This is the only Type that can have this kind of Inner Authority. In theory, it is very simple and boils down to the fact that before starting active actions, tGenerator must listen to himself and feel whether he has enough internal energy and whether there is a Response to the action that he should do. If there is no response or energy, this suggests that Generator should not take on the business that he has outlined for himself.

But unfortunately, most often it happens that Generator simply ignores his Inner Response and gets involved in activities that are incorrect for itself, as a result of which it finds itself in a state of absolute frustration. Let’s try to figure out why this is happening.

Why does Generator ignore Inner Response?

What prevents Generator from listening to Inner Response and making correct decisions? First of all, the Mind interferes with its ideas about what life should be and how to act in order to become a successful and happy person. In the head of any Generator there are many patterns, social attitudes and beliefs that prevent the realization of what could really fill his life with a pleasant feeling of satisfaction.

To have Sacral Authority first of all means deeply surrender to life. And not the one outside, but the one inside. And, of course, let her talk. After all, the Response comes to Generator with Sacral Authority in the form of intrauterine sounds. These sounds can help him deal with absolutely any life situation. Generator does not need to invent anything, he just needs to let life come to him, and then, to see what of what life offers him, he has a resource and an Inner Response.

To do this, Generator must allow itself to sound: right inside, in the lower abdomen. Learn to hear the sounds that will come to him. And if there is silence inside, then Generator should be patient and just wait for the Sacral Inner Response. If he ignores it, the consequences will not be long in coming. Not only will he get involved in things and occupations that are not correct for himself and will completely forget about what it is like to experience a pleasant feeling of satisfaction from life, every day his energy will become less and less.

Sacral Authority

Thus, over time, Generator, who does not trust his Inner Authority, will turn from a cheerful and full of strength person into a grumbling dissatisfied with life, while completely devoid of energy.

The main problem very often lies in the fact that Generator cannot understand why it has energy for some things, but not for some. The fact is that the Sacral Center is purely mechanical in nature. It works the way it works, and it’s best just not to touch this mechanism, because it was perfectly adjusted by nature itself, absolutely without our participation. So all Generator has to do is just surrender and let the inner energy guide him through life. Without bargaining and calmly accepting the fact that in life there are things that suit him, but there are those that he should immediately give up. Saying no, to what the response does not come and agreeing to what provokes the very YES inside.

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