What does the right place mean in terms of Human Design? And the right people? How do you know that the right person is next to you? And if we are a little uncomfortable next to him? What to do in this case? And if we come to some location and it seems to us that it is uncomfortable here. Is it worth listening to such sensations?

G Center: what is it responsible for?

From the point of view of Human Design, the G Center is responsible for the right place and the right environment, the cradle of our uniqueness and identity, the place where love lives in the highest sense. People with an open G Center live without a specific identity. They try on different roles every day. As a result, completely different places may seem comfortable to them. It’s the same with their environment. It can change from day to day. Today they feel good with one person, tomorrow with another. And what is most interesting, they are far from always able to understand where and with whom they need to go, since it depends on many factors. 

A person with a specific G Center has a fixed way of self-identification, choice of direction in life and manifestation of love. He plays a very specific role. And he knows which one. Of course, he is also in search of himself, but at least he has an inner sense of the direction in which he needs to move. He has an understanding of the trajectory where his stream of life leads and specific ways of expressing his attitude towards the world and other people. Such a person is aware of his place and role in the Universe and can express it. Moreover, the directions that he follows can be both metaphorical and themselves ordinary, everyday. Like going to a restaurant or choosing a vacation spot.

Right place and right people Human Design

As a rule, people with a specific G Center are much more likely to find themselves in the right place and with the right people than those who have a G Center open. The latter sometimes have to go through thousands of options before finding something really correct and comfortable for themselves. 

It is a person with an open G Center who can come to a cafe and run out of there at the speed of light for two minutes, simply because he does not really like it. Or, say, he can talk to a person, and then abruptly stop the conversation and go his own way. Because there was something wrong in this person, there was a feeling of discomfort next to him.

How to determine the correct place and people for yourself? 

In fact, this issue is global in nature and it is directly related to our Strategy and Authority. What do we need them for? First of all, in order to align with our trajectory, that is, to really be where we should be. In order to get the experience that we should get. See everything that we need to see. To be with who we should be.

Our whole life is a trajectory of movement from point A to point B. From birth to death.

Consider how much depends on where we are. And with whom. Because it predetermines what we will do, what kind of life we ​​will live, what values ​​and hobbies we will have. Choosing a location isn’t just about going to a cafe or traveling to a city we’ve never been to. This is about life and the search for purpose. About the opportunity to step on the path that the Universe itself has prepared for us. 

Another question is that often we move through life, reacting to how it should be. As our mind likes. As society requires of us. Or how profitable and promising for us. The mind is very fond of dictating its terms to us. And we are so used to it that sometimes we simply cannot imagine that it happens in another way. That you can live by love, being in harmony with your nature. 

But, in fact, in each of us lies what kind of life we ​​should live and where to be. And this is what you need to surrender to. Because this is the only chance that we can be among our people and in the right place. Literally in its place, living what we have to realize. Following its purpose. 

Of course, you need to get into the right environment solely from Strategy and Authority.

And if we all move through life in exactly this way: giving up, not deciding from a mind that is driven by false themes, allowing our trajectory to unfold, allowing our life to lead to us those with whom we need to be, we will really be able to feel the fullness, integrity of being … Being with your people and in your place.

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