Let’s talk about the main astrological events that happen in our life, namely the Return of Chiron.

Chiron returns to its original position and, like other planets, brings certain changes to our Bodygraph, which affects both our behavior and our life. This is the time of the natural dawn of a person’s inner strength, the culmination of his entire life. It is during this period that we are ready to maximize our potential and begin to carry our Incarnation Cross. And this happens at about the age of about fifty years. It would seem that the full bloom of strength should occur at an earlier age: when we are young, full of energy and ready to move mountains. But no. Chiron intervenes in our lives when we are already in adulthood. And it is at this time that our potential is ready to fully manifest itself.

What are the main functions of Chiron

In astrology, Chiron symbolizes balance and the ability to make alternative decisions. Its main function is to help us adapt to new life conditions: in the social, personal and cosmic spheres. It is Chiron who sometimes takes us beyond the traditional worldview and can open our eyes to unusual and even supernatural ways of solving standard earthly problems and situations. It establishes a connection between our lower and higher “I” and expands our consciousness as much as possible in our earthly incarnations.

Chiron is originally a dual planet. That is why both lower and higher manifestations are active in the people of Chiron, and they are often in a state of internal struggle. And which side will win in each case is unknown.

By the way, Chiron was discovered by the American astrologer Charles Covell in 1977. However, this planet was also mentioned in ancient Indian and Persian texts.

How are Return of Chiron?

During the period of the return of Chiron, we unwittingly prepare for the fulfillment of our main destiny, which is determined by the Incarnation Cross . However, this only happens if we are in tune with our nature and trust our Strategy and Authority. How we will experience the Return of Chiron and how this event will affect our life depends on how faithful we were to ourselves during our entire previous life. Did we accept our Design, could we turn off the Mind in time, etc. If we were true to ourselves, fully accepted our nature and prepared ourselves to start carrying our Incarnation Cross – then in this case, during the period of the Return of Chiron, we can help really take off and fully realize the potential inherent in us by nature.

There is a certain paradox in the fact that the culmination of our life falls on the age of fifty. We used to think that at this age all the most interesting things come to naught. That at this age nothing good can happen to us. After all, it is too late to master a new profession, create a new business or enter into new relationships.

However, in Human Design, some aspects of human nature have the ability to be realized only after fifty years. This is especially true of the theme of destiny and the Incarnation Cross. Our destiny is given by the Incarnation Cross. But how we can realize this very purpose is determined by Chiron himself.

How to survive the Return of Chiron

First of all, the period of the Return of Chiron is a time ideal for radically reconsidering your views and values. Look back and draw certain conclusions for yourself. Feel how conscious the whole previous life was and whether we are ready to make a serious leap forward. Someone may benefit from solitude, however, in general, this period is more suitable in order to go out into society, to realize their purpose in society.

Return of Chiron

This is the time to seriously think about your karmic task and main life mission. Become aware of all your previous experiences. Let it contradict your Incarnational Cross – you still needed it for something. Even if the insight visited you only at the age of fifty, and your whole previous life you lived contrary to your nature, you should not discount your rich background. If, thanks to your past experience, you end up going deeper into your Design, that’s not bad.

The return of Chiron is especially important for those who have a 6th Line in their Profile. It is during this period that the carriers of the 6th Line can “come down from the roof” and appear before the world in all their glory.

If some of you are already approaching the period of Chiron’s return, and even have a 6th Line in Profile, it’s time to think about your main purpose in life. Look back and analyze your life. After all, very soon you will enter a new phase of it. And to what discoveries this will lead you, no one knows.

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