Who is a Reflector? In fact, this is a blank canvas on which you can paint a real masterpiece. You can do this if you are in a relationship with Reflector. Moreover, in the case of a real canvas and an artist, a picture can be painted only once. But in the case of the Reflector – everything is much more interesting, because on this unique canvas you can paint pictures even every day, using different brushes, paints and other materials – it all depends on who will act as the artist.

Relationship with Reflector

And almost anyone can act as an artist – any person who comes into contact with the Reflector. That is why the one who is in a relationship with the Reflector, in fact, takes on the functions of a real Master – one who can create completely unique and inimitable masterpieces. And by the way, what is a painting? This is a reflection of the artist’s inner world, isn’t it? Therefore, if someone creates a masterpiece from the Reflector, the latter reflects the inner world of its creator: his Channels, Centers, Certainties and other features of his Bodygraph.

The one who has a relationship with the Reflector – the same artist who creates new masterpieces every day, can constantly look in the mirror, and in the metaphorical sense of the word. After all, what does the Reflector do? Reflects, right? And he can reflect absolutely everyone who surrounds him. And of course, first of all, a partner. Therefore, if suddenly fate has provided you with a Reflector as a life companion, there is great news for you: now you are an artist, even if you have never held a brush in your hands.

However, you need to be prepared for the fact that from now on there is a mirror in your house that you cannot turn away from yourself. It will always tell you the truth, and it can be oh, how difficult it is to face it. Especially if it concerns the fact that, ignoring your Strategy and Authority, you are incorrectly living your nature. Moreover, this truth will also change – depending on what picture you paint. Indeed, despite the fact that your Bodygraph remains unchanged: you have fixed certain Centers, Channels, Gates, etc., you also have a wide field for maneuver – open Centers, undefined Channels, Gates that are waiting in the wings to connect with the opposite Gate activated by other people. Thus, if, for example, at work, you are faced with a person who influenced your Bodygraph,

For example, you have an undefined Ajna Center and you express your thoughts differently each time, adopting different concepts from other people. At some point, you may start to reason like one of your colleagues does, for example, although a new way of reasoning may not be usual for you. And if you discuss some issues with your chosen one-Reflector, he may begin to reason in exactly the same way. And, perhaps, the changes that will occur to him (new reasoning, theories, unusual phrases, etc.), you will notice earlier than the changes in your own way of reasoning. Watch it – it should be very exciting!

In a word, being in a relationship with the Reflector is, for sure, incredibly interesting! And in order to plunge into them headlong and live them as fully as possible, revealing your own potential and helping your unusual partner open up, please be patient. Try to find in yourself the notes of creativity: after all, you have to create every day.

But do not think that only you can use the canvas for creativity that the Universe has awarded you. After all, your Reflector will somehow live his life outside of your relationship. And this means that other people can also write their masterpieces on it: friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Therefore, do not be surprised if you suddenly find on your canvas strokes that will respond in you in an unusual way, because they were not made by you … For example, you have a certain Emotional Center and you are used to the fact that your partner always reflects your emotions in a certain way. But then one day your chosen one-Reflector, say, having come home from work, suddenly gives out such emotions that seem unusual to you. In this case, you should not try to somehow remake your chosen one, but accept temporary changes in his behavior and observe him with interest.

Get ready for surprises! And any new touch on the unique canvas that your partner Reflector is – it doesn’t matter whether you or someone else made it – take it as an incredible gift. Your partner came to this world to be amazed. This is his Signature – a pleasant calm feeling that he experiences if he lives his nature correctly. And this means that along with him you will be surprised too. For example, when he gives you feedback that you never expected to hear. And yes – it can be quite challenging. But remember: you are an artist. And the artist on his way has to deal with both spiritual uplifts and serious disappointments.

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