As we know, each Type in Human Design has its own individual approach. For example, Generator should be asked questions as often as possible in order to stimulate his response, with Manifestor you should always and in everything respect his personal boundaries and periodically remind him of the importance of informing, with Reflector you should be patient and ready to see his true face. What about Projector? What are the main features of this Type and how to find an approach to it? And being in a relationship with Projector in general: what is it like?

To begin with, let’s remember what the difference between a Projector and other Types is.

Projector’s Differences from Other Types

First of all, it is worth noting that unlike Generators, Manifestors, and Reflectors, the Projector is most often not focused on himself, but on other people. For example, if a Projector is studying the Human Design system, he will most likely first look at the Bodygraphs of his relatives, friends, and acquaintances and only then his own. Because it is more interesting for him to know something about his interlocutor than about himself. And for him it is absolutely normal.

Moreover, if the Projector, for some reason, begins to concentrate more on himself than on someone else, it may end up in a sense of bitterness for him (the Projector’s False Self).

Let’s say that in today’s world it is very fashionable to look for one’s vocation. Everyone should find their dream job and pursue it with love and pleasure. And in fact, that’s the way it should be. After all, a person who has found his vocation, can safely call himself happy. The thing is, however, that with the Projector, this recommendation may not work. Why not? Because the peculiarity of his energy is that it is more natural for him to help other people find their calling and to concentrate on other people’s auras and talents. Being fixated on himself and his own calling, on the other hand, is not right for him.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that Projectors like no other are able to ask the right questions and give amazing advice, which in certain situations can literally turn lives upside down. However, this does not work with everyone. For example, if a Projector starts giving advice to a Manifestor, it may cause extreme dissatisfaction and even aggression on his part. But if the Projector advises the Generator something, it may very well work. But again, not always.

Finally, the Projector differs from other types in that he categorically accepts neither questions nor informing. It vitally needs to hear invitations. Even if it is something trivial. If the Projector is invited somewhere, it means that he is appreciated. And that means he gives his unique advice for a reason.

And now let’s list the main traits that tend to be characteristic of the Projector:

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Discernment
  3. High intelligence
  4. Ability to penetrate the aura of another person
  5. Ability to see things broadly.

From all of the above features you can conclude how best to behave with the Projector if you are in a close relationship with him. And it does not matter if we are talking about friendship, work or personal life. The recommendations are universal and can work in almost all spheres.

Being in relationship with Projector: basic guidelines

So, you have a friend, partner or colleague Projector. What are the basic rules to follow in order to build a harmonious relationship with him?

The first. If you feel that your friend-projector too much obsession with himself, try to switch his attention to someone else. For example, on himself.

Say, Projector is making plans for the coming year, but can not move forward in this matter. Start consulting him about your plans. In particular, you can ask him questions about himself. At this point, he can quickly shift his attention to you, to penetrate into your situation and begin to give you advice. Believe me, it will only be good for him. Especially if at the end you thank him from the bottom of your heart.

Expressing gratitude is very important to the Projector. Of course, the same can be said about all the other Types, but for the Projector it is especially important. So here is the second piece of advice to you when communicating with a Projector: don’t be stingy with words of gratitude. And it is desirable to express it not in general phrases, but in more specific ones. The main thing: to emphasize what exactly you are thankful for and what features you appreciate in your Projector.

For example, if your friend helped you choose a suitable outfit for the party, tell him how you appreciate his exquisite taste and willingness to help. He will be very pleased with that.

Relationship with Projector

The third point is that Projector should be consulted as much as possible. By giving advice, he will be partially fulfilling his main purpose. Therefore, even if you don’t need advice, try to discuss certain issues with the Projector.

Say, you want to get a new job. Even if you have made your choice, discuss the situation with the Projector. Ask him what he thinks about it. Absolutely not, that after a conversation with him you will change your decision, but at least you will hear an opinion from the outside, which will help you clarify some points for yourself.

Finally, if you are dealing with the Projector, you should invite him as often as possible. An invitation is a sign to the Projector that you appreciate him or her.

For example, you want to go on vacation together. In this case, you should ask the Projector as few questions as possible. In particular, you do not need to ask him if he wants to go on vacation with you and, if he does, where. It is much better if you tell him that you really wanted to go on vacation with him and offer him several options to choose from.

In short, being in a relationship with Projector is exciting and interesting! However, it is worth observing a number of nuances. Of course, if you stick to the above recommendations, it won’t guarantee you a perfect relationship. But at least you will help your Projector partner to be himself and open up in the relationship. And if he opens up, then you will have that opportunity, too. And you will be able to do so in harmony with your Strategy and Authority!

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