Generator is one of the most common types. In this case we are talking about ordinary, not Manifesting Generators, although the latter are also quite common. Sometimes Generators are said to move our world forward. And if you think about it, this is by no means an exaggeration. Unlike all other Types, Generator can work long and hard, while doing difficult monotonous work and even feel a sense of pleasure and deep satisfaction. And that is a very important skill.

But how do Generators behave in relationships? And how should their partners behave? Is it possible to build harmonious relationship with Generator? The main feature of Generators is that they do not need to initiate anything in their life. Even a relationship. And thus, if a partner who is not Generator comes into their life, a rather serious responsibility automatically falls on his shoulders: to do something that his lover can respond to. And it doesn’t have to be direct initiation at all. Even an unobtrusive question or advice will do. Something that will or will not cause a response from Generator.

Relationship with GeneratorBut what if Generator is a man, you ask. After all, traditionally, it is he who should initiate the beginning of the relationship. But here everything is not as complicated as it seems. After all, you can take initiative in a relationship not only in an obvious way. You can use subtle hints or body language for this: facial expressions, gestures, a smile, etc. This also works quite well for itself and sometimes evokes a response from Generator, after which he will be able to make an important decision for himself. 

Another tricky moment is Generator getting stuck. This is a rather difficult process, which at times can be protracted. As a rule, it happens in two cases: if Generator does not know how to spend his energy or one important period has ended in his life and he subconsciously prepares for another. In both cases the partner of Generator can also be difficult. Can he in such a situation help his lover to cope with a difficult period of his life? Of course yes. And the main thing that he must do is give his companion time to listen to himself and feel what it is worth directing the energy to. Again, it will not be superfluous to ask unobtrusive questions from time to time.

Summarizing all of the above, there are several recommendations for those who are in a relationship with Generator. Of course, if you start to bring all this to life, the relationship will not become cloudless. But at least by accepting the nature of your Generator partner, you can bring calm, measuredness and harmony into your union. And any Generator is very comfortable in such a relationship. 

Recommendations for building relationship with Generator

So what is the secret of a successful relationship with Generator? Below are a few life hacks that you should follow if your partner is of this Type.

  1. Take the initiative.

But not in a direct, but in an indirect way. Of course, if you are Manifestor, then you can quite afford direct initiatives, for example, invite your lover to take part in a new project, open a family business, go on a trip, move to another country, etc. But if your Type is not a Manifestor, you definitely should not take direct initiative, since this will contradict your Strategy. Try to be subtle. Hint to your beloved that you would like to join him in, say, a new creative project. And then look at his reaction. The main thing: wait until your partner himself feels whether the new activity is responding to him and do not try to force events. 

      2. Ask your partner as many questions as possible.

It is the questions that can ultimately provoke the response from Generator, which it sometimes has to wait for so long. But don’t think that your partner will not hesitate to answer your questions. It may take a while for him to realize if a new occupation or another initiative of yours is right for him. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that some of your questions may turn out to be rhetorical.

       3. Help your partner get through periods of being stuck.

Unfortunately, they are inevitable in the life of Generator. And here you should be patient. After all, such stagnation can stretch for days or even weeks. But there is good news as well. If your partner’s life is stagnant, then he is preparing for a new takeoff. And that’s great, isn’t it?

Relationship with Generator can be very gentle, sensual and harmonious. Accept the nature of your partner and calmly wait for him to feel the response and direct his energy to something new and grandiose! And then both of you will be happy!

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