Which role play questions in Human Design? Before diving into this topic headlong, we want to understand how this will help us specifically. What areas of our life can we improve if we start learning our Bodygraph? What real practical tips will this amazing knowledge give us?

In this article we will see what kind of life needs you can go to Human Design. And what to expect for those who do not want to thoroughly immerse themselves in this topic, but only get answers to their specific questions.

With which requests come to Human Design

In fact, many of us come to Design with the same requests that we come to an ordinary psychologist with. We want to improve relationships with our soul mate, learn to better understand our children, feel their needs and interests, help them choose their paths in life. And in order to help us satisfy these requests, there are special developments and directions in Design, which are presented to the maximum extent on our website.

For example, if you are interested in building relationships with your partner, learning to understand him better, then in Design there is such a cool direction as the calculation of compatibility. In this case, your joint bodygraph with your partner is calculated, which will give you an idea of ​​what you have in common, and on what issues there may be disagreements. What is your potential as a couple, and what weaknesses you should work on together. In what directions do you need to develop and what can you achieve if you learn a competent and correct energy interchange.

Questions in Human Design

Calculation of compatibility is needed not only for you to improve your relationship with your partner. But also so that you learn to feel and understand the person who is next to you. Accept him as he is. And this skill is necessary not only in personal life. It can be useful to you both in creativity and in business. And in the most ordinary everyday things, such as communicating with friends, relatives, neighbors.

As for the parenting manual, namely the children’s transcript, which you can also order on our website, it will help you learn about the talents and vulnerabilities of your child. His natural abilities and dispositions will open your eyes to him, he will point out the enormous potential that has been laid in him since birth. This request is relevant for most parents. It is good that Human Design helps to satisfy him and find answers to many questions regarding parenting.

The question of finding a life purpose is also very relevant at the present time. And in this, Human Design can also be useful. Each of us has certain Channels. And it is this aspect of Design that is responsible for those manifestations of your nature that you could develop, including for professional purposes.

There are many more interesting points that may open for you if you decide to delve deeper into this topic. And there are many questions to which you can find answers. However, there is one caveat here. If you have a specific request, should you limit yourself to just that? For example, if you are looking for your professional destination, should you only study your Channels and leave all other aspects of your Design aside?

Personally, I think this approach is incorrect. If you limit yourself to getting information that can transform your life in many ways, is it worth starting to delve into yourself and study your Design at all? By tuning into a specific request, you can gain valuable knowledge. But the problem is that you may not understand how to use them. Let’s say you found out which Channels are present in your Bodygraph. What will you do with this information? Most likely, you will begin to analyze it with the help of your Mind and draw conclusions about what you need to do in life. And this will be incorrect, since such a decision will be made by you from the Mind. But the secret is learning how to make decisions with Strategy and Authority. Accept your nature not with your head, but with your body. For this you have all the tools. But to learn how to use them,

Why start learning your Design

In short, even if you have a very specific request, I advise you not to limit yourself in anything. Just start experimenting with your Design! Trust your own life. Learn to enjoy your amazing and unique nature. Start from scratch. Explore your Bodygraph . Accept this information, pass it through your consciousness. And only after that begin to feel and live it. Without analysis, criticism and prejudice.

After all, no one forbids you to simultaneously search for the answer to your question. Perhaps you will find it where you did not expect. Or you realize that it is not relevant. You don’t know how your experiment will turn out. No one knows.

But one thing is clear: since Human Design already offers us a powerful information base and real tools, the skill of possession of which is inherent in us by nature itself, we cannot but take advantage of this.

Once upon a time, people had no requests either to work through psychological trauma, or to improve themselves, or to improve the quality of life, or to search for optimal ways to build harmonious relationships in the family. All this was not there, people had other tasks. And they dealt mainly with more pressing problems: survival, food production, conquest of territories, etc. But at that time there was no Human Design either. And now each of us has a lot of intangible requests. And there is an arsenal of tools that will help us find answers to many questions. So why not use it?

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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