Key topic Profile 6/3 The role model of the Martyr is constant trial and error. Inside you there is an insatiable need for new sensations, emotions and impressions that will push you to search for adventures. This is akin to the primitive research spirit living in the greatest discoverers of the past. But you are not looking for mysterious continents, but anything that can make you experience previously unknown feelings. Places, people, food, activities, interests and so on. At least every day you are ready to live to the fullest, if only you had the opportunity to experience new experiences and see new things.

But the life of a modern person is more like a groundhog day – every day you get up to the usual work, go along the same route, communicate with the same people … And there is no scope for variety here, which very, very negatively affects your physical and mental condition. It is extremely difficult for you to feel alive and healthy when you have to do the same thing from time to time, acting on autopilot.

These were “tests”, and now let’s talk about “mistakes”. This is another feature of Profile 6/3 of the Martyr Role Model. It lies in the fact that you literally attract failure to yourself. Do not take it too negatively. Whenever striving for a new experience, you can undoubtedly be mistaken. It is natural to err in what you do / try for the first time. It is in failure that people comprehend the true meaning of things and derive useful experience from them. But, due to improper upbringing or living conditions, many perceive the mistakes made too seriously, experiencing stress, shame, or both taken together.

Therefore, you need to learn two things. First, equip your life so that there is room for diversity. In all areas. Secondly, stop perceiving mistakes as something negative, making a final conclusion about yourself and your abilities based on failure. To achieve this is very simple – you just need to correctly follow your Strategy and Authority, and then all things in life will work out by themselves. But before talking about how you can correct the wrong situation, let’s go a little deeper into the amazing nature of Profile 6/3 of the Role model-Martyr.

About Lines in Profile 6/3

Each Profile consists of two Lines. The number that is written first (Line 6 of the Role Model) is expressed consciously. This means that the program of this Line will be realized through Mind and mental work. The number that they write the second (3rd Line of the Martyr) is expressed subconsciously. This means that the program of this Line is literally “programmed” into your body.

There is a very important point. The conscious Line contains qualities that you can recognize in yourself and even “correct” if you wish. But this is not recommended, because going against your nature you doom yourself to living in the False Self with all the negative consequences (more on that later). On the other hand, you will not be able to intervene in the mechanism of the subconscious Line in any way, even if you wish. You only need to come to terms with it and accept it as your inherent trait.

Profile 6/3Now a little more about each Line.

6 Line – Role Model

Let’s start with 6 Lines. Two things distinguish it: wisdom and phased development. The first is wisdom. It is expressed in a variety of ways: in behavior, in speech, in actions. Usually, people with the 6th Line in the Profile are very demanding of other people – they prefer non-trivial communication and cannot stand stupidity. This can instill in you a certain sense of your own exclusiveness and even arrogance, often completely unjustified.

For now, let’s digress at the second feature of Line 6 — the phased development of it. But do not forget about the arrogance that was mentioned at the beginning – later you will understand how this is connected.

Stage 1 begins from the day you are born and lasts up to 30 years. This time is called “stuffing cones”. You are young, ambitious and restless. Before you is a whole unknown world and you want so much to try in it. You get in touch with different people, try yourself in many roles, experience strengths in many hobbies and work … The first stage is a time of uncontrollable optimism, when you just get to know life and gain the experience you need from your failures.

Stage 2 begins after 30 and ends around 50 years old. During this period, you are able to reason more reasonably and look at things without pink glasses. Echoes of past recklessness still sound in you, only now your already mature “I” is capable of pulling you away from infantile actions in time.

Stage 3 begins after 50 and lasts until the end of life. This is the time of your final transformation, in the Design of Man it is called “exit to the roof”. Now your inner peace is almost impossible to disturb by anything – the real wisdom of life is present in you. Prior to this, you have repeatedly naively believed that you know life, you know what “being” is. But all this was only a prelude, only a hint of understanding, which takes its form only at the third stage. And all your previous arrogance and exactingness towards others was nothing more than a mere “apprehension” of that potential that would be revealed only after many years.

3 Martyr’s Line

Now let’s move on to the 3 Lines of the Martyr. It consists of two “components” – a deep need to experience new experiences and constant error. One follows from the other. The more things you want to try yourself in, the more mistakes you make, which is pretty logical. But each person with the 3 Line must understand one very simple thing. You should not focus on your failures, but on the experience that you learn from them. Just changing the focus of your attention a little, you will be surprised that you will suddenly turn from a supposedly “loser” into a wise man who ate a dog on how to do it. And it costs a lot.

But let’s look even deeper into this Line and try to understand why it is difficult for you to sit still and why you are so passionately anxious for new sensations. The fact is that this is how your subconscious desire for freedom and independence is expressed. You are a rebel by nature, who is ready to rebel even against yourself and your interests. You do not want to get hung up on just one thing, because in this case you literally “give yourself into slavery” to this. One partner, one job, one place of residence – having made the “final” choice, you will close access to numerous other roads, deprive yourself of so many opportunities!

But even this “mystery” of 3 Lines does not end there. 3 The line of the Martyr (and you as its carrier) throws things not only because they can limit it, but also because it wants to find real perfection. Behind your illegibility lies true perfectionism and the pursuit of the ideal that you want to find in at least one area of ​​your life. You are ready to “give yourself into slavery”, but only what will be ideal for you, which will allow you to finally stop with a clear conscience and end your long search. Therefore, do not reproach yourself and do not compare with other people if you still have not found your place in life / calling / partner and other things. You just do not want to waste yourself on trifles, and this is really a great feature.

Profile 6/3False Self

The information described in the Lines will not necessarily be implemented in your life. The vast majority of people live under the undivided influence of the False Self, unable to even for a brief moment find the “I” true. Therefore, do not be surprised if everything in your life does not happen as it is written here. Perhaps you are simply trapped in the trap of the False Self and you don’t even notice it. Therefore, now we’ll talk about how the False Self appears in your Profile 6/3 of the Role model-Martyr. Just knowing this information may already be enough to get out of the vicious circle of conditioning and align with your nature.

It is important to note that the False Self is always expressed with the help of the Mind. Therefore, it affects only the Line that is played consciously (6 Line of the Role Model). 3 The martyr will always “work”, regardless of your actions and desires.

And here again it is necessary to recall the arrogance and pride inherent in the 6th Line. These destructive emotions can play a trick on you if you do not keep them in check. Unreasonably considering yourself to be better / smarter / more capable than other people, you will build a barrier between yourself and them that will prevent you from interacting normally. You will begin to avoid anyone who does not fit your strict “requirements.” And those who will be even better / smarter / more capable than you, you will hate even more, in your Mind belittling their merits and focusing only on the flaws.

Ultimately, this can lead you to total loneliness. Some owners of the 6th Line got to the point where, due to their exorbitantly inflated sense of self-importance, they quarreled with all their friends and even family members, spurred on by their pride. But even when these people were left completely alone, the Mind continued to “whisper” to them that the rest were just fools and plebeians, and there was no point in wasting time on anyone other than themselves. But, of course, not always the False Self grows to such a scale. For the most part, it can only slightly spoil your life, only sometimes turning into a real problem. But even if the “pest” is small – this is not a reason to continue to feed it.

Over time, many of these people (who abandoned all their acquaintances and remained alone) came to realize their mistakes (often when moving to the next stage of the 6th Line). But do you want to wait 10-20-30 years in order to fix a problem that you can solve right now? Hardly. And it really is not difficult. Just accept the fact that a truly intelligent and talented person will never expose his abilities for a fact. Only one who is not confident in himself at heart will rise, belittling others. Therefore, to make life easier for yourself and other people, stop considering yourself an ideal. Consciously jerk yourself whenever you want someone to prove your superiority and continue to do so until the very thoughts of someone else’s imperfection disappear from your head once and for all.

Types in Profile 6/3

Just knowing your Profile can’t change life. Rather, it is possible to change, but it is most likely that you are mistaken somewhere, relying on incomplete information about yourself. In order to correctly apply knowledge about Human Design, in addition to the Profile, you need to know at least how it combines with your genetic Type. Type is a much more fundamental component of your personality, and without it it makes no sense even to superficially study everything else. Therefore, now let’s talk briefly about how your Profile 6/3 of the Role model-Martyr will express himself in with one or another Type.

Profile 6/3 – Generator

Before you start talking about the Profile, it is worth mentioning the key features of the Generators. Firstly, they have a special kind of Internal Authority – the Sacred. It is based on the work of the so-called Sacred Response, which can be called the personification of the true “I” of any Generator. The response always tells the truth and can not be fooled by the empty arguments of the Mind, which makes it an indispensable assistant in life. Secondly, if the Generators follow the voice of their Response, then they are able to find in themselves incredible reserves of energy that seem almost limitless. Each Generator who lives and acts according to his inner truth receives an incredible ability to work, helping to achieve almost any goal.

Now back to the Profile. Knowing your predisposition to various kinds of adventures, especially in the first stages of the development of your 6th Line, it is worth warning you – not every undertaking will be equally useful for you. Of course, anything can bring you experience. But this does not mean that you need to take certain lessons in life. There are things that will be a priori unhealthy for you, and in order not to waste yourself, you need to learn to recognize them in time. For this, Response is needed. Following his advice, you will receive only the experience that contributes to your growth. You may not like all this experience, but be that as it may, trusting the Response you can be sure that you are taking the route that was designed specifically for you.

Profile 6/3 – Manifestor

Let’s talk about the Manifestor. His distinguishing feature is primarily in a very dense Aura, which does not allow him to empathically understand other people. The manifest is always on his mind – he lives for himself, works for himself, even loves for his own sake. Therefore, this Type is naturally prone to self-sufficiency and selfishness, which, without due attention, may well become the cause of constant conflicts with other people.

As the owner of Profile 6/3, you yourself are prone to pride and arrogance. But if, in addition, you were born a Manifestor, then this strengthens the manifestation of such negative emotions several times. At times, you may be so intoxicated with your Ego that you will ignore or send away anyone who tries to somehow get in your way. Not the most promising prospect.

To avoid such precedents, you should accustom yourself to maintaining the maximum permissible relationship with others. That is, if someone asks you where you are going (for example, somewhere at work), you should not pass this person or try to scare him off with an angry look. It will be necessary to at least ambiguously devote it to your plans and after that continue to carry them out. So you may not become the soul of the company, but at least you will not become the object of universal hatred, which is already good. And the same applies to any area of ​​your life where you are in any way in contact with other people. Be more responsive!

Profile 6/3 – Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generator (or MG) combines the classic manifestations of the Manifestor and Generator. He inherited the Sacred Response from the Generator, and self-sufficiency and determination from the Manifestor. But there are some differences. Unlike a regular Generator, MG is able to use its internal energy reserves for several things at the same time, without focusing on one thing. And if you compare with the Manifestor, then MG is a little more susceptible to other people’s opinions and is not able to concentrate so much on itself. We can say that MG is trying to look like Manifestor, but it does not always succeed.

If we talk about Profile 6/3 in the manifestation of MG, then several things are striking. Firstly, due to the unique nature of MG, you can try your hand at once in a variety of activities, without devoting yourself entirely to one thing. Very cool for the freedom-loving nature of the Role Model-Martyr. But! Be sure to remember that, like MG, you have the same Strategy as ordinary Generators – listen to your Response. Therefore, before taking on something, ask for “advice” from the Response. He will tell you for sure whether your idea will bring useful experience, or whether you should abandon your venture.

Profile 6/3 – Projector

Projectors have a very interesting feature – they are social “anglers”. The fact is that their strategy is to wait for an invitation. That is, in matters of interaction with other people, any Projector must wait for it to be invited to contact. It’s about dating, job offers, networking, and more. Otherwise, the Projector, due to its very “focused” Aura, will be ostracized. The uninvited participation of the Projector as usual is perceived by other people with hostility, which causes bitterness in the Projectors.

And a similar feature makes some adjustments to the program of your Profile 6/3. You will have to accustom yourself to patience and learn not to be imposed on other people. Therefore, the main focus of your attention should be shifted to those things that you can do alone. Until the right invitation from other people arrives, you can happily spend your time on other, no less interesting things. And in fact, the more versatile a person you are, the more invitations you will receive. People love interesting ones.

Profile 6/3 – Reflector

The Reflector is a very interesting Type, whose peculiarity is a certain “amorphous”. Reflectors do not stand out in their appearance at all – as a rule, these are rather ordinary, even too ordinary people, without any outstanding qualities. But truly unique is that Reflectors are able to masterfully “transform” into other people, adopting their features and qualities. These are real chameleons among mankind, who, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously, put on other people’s “costumes” for a while, starting to see the world from a completely different, unusual point of view.

Therefore, if you were born as a Reflector with Profile 6/3, then “gaining a new experience” will be primarily associated with contacts with other people. The more acquaintances you have, the more roles you can test yourself. You will change your worldview depending on what kind of person you are with, temporarily adopting his picture of the world. It is even possible that you will live for a long time in the same place, fully compensating for the need for a new experience through communication. Indeed, the diversity of the world lies primarily in our perception.

The same forest for some will be a source of wood, for others a resting place, and for others a favorite home. How many people – so many opinions. And you, as a Reflector, will be able to fully verify the truth of this statement.

Profile 6/3 – Relations

And now let’s talk about how the relationship of you, as the carrier of Profile 6/3, will look (of course theoretically). To begin with, it is worth recalling the desire for the ideal of 3 Martyr Lines. This quality most clearly expresses itself precisely in a relationship. It can be very difficult for you to meet or live with the same partner for a long time, especially if he does not fit into your vision of the “ideal”. At the first stage of life, people in Profile 6/3 manage to change many partners, and in none of them can they see what they need. Someone may interpret this position as “illegibility”, but in reality you simply do not know what you are looking for, but you feel that what is there is not enough for you. And there is nothing wrong with continuing your search no matter what. Consistency and commitment to one thing is not about you.

The most important thing for you in a relationship is a sense of interest. If a person is fully revealed to you for the first date, then you will no longer have the motivation to meet him a second or third time. Therefore, you should choose strong and multifaceted personalities, which will last more than one day. In terms of interest, of course. The feeling of discovery itself is important to you when you discover in a person something that has not been seen before in him or that he has carefully hidden from you. This is a kind of game in the researcher, when the subject of the study is another person.

Profile 6/3It is possible that you are lucky and you can find someone who is not completely revealed to you to the very end. And this will be the most amazing adventure in your life, an adventure that will never end. Do not give up trying to find something similar – despite the opinions of others, remain free as much as you want. In the end, it is entirely your choice.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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