Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 6/3 shows up in business life. What is Profile 6/3 in business?

The fact that the conscious aspect of your Profile is Sixth Line wisdom makes you a shining and unique role model. This is especially evident in the workplace. In terms of knowledge, experience, and performance, you are virtually unmatched. Many colleagues want to be like you. It is very important to them that you share with them your multifaceted experience. You know much better than most what is most important in this life. And you know the intricacies of your profession like no one else, because you’ve done a lot of trial and error.

Sometimes your wisdom even prevents you to build a harmonious relationship with others. You find it difficult to find a person who fully understands and appreciates you. That’s why you prefer to communicate with colleagues bright, highly intellectual and complex. That is, with those who correspond to you at least a little. That is why you try to establish business contacts on a level that is inaccessible to ordinary people.

What is surprising, even if you do not allow for themselves colleagues and business partners, they still continue to reach out to you. You have something to share with them. And to whom you can serve as a great role model for them.

Try to find the golden mean between cynicism and willingness to share what you have gone through yourself. Don’t expect your colleagues (especially your subordinates) to work perfectly. This is very difficult for them. Demand from them only that in which you yourself have achieved perfection. Otherwise, be loyal to them. This will allow you to stay at a certain level appropriate to your status.
Profile 6/3 in businessYou are essentially a curious cocktail of recklessness, wisdom, high authority and recklessness. You can hold a serious position at work and plunge into a binge on the weekends. You can go from being a responsible companion to an adventurer in one minute. In any case, in order to survive, you will have to get used to immersing yourself in an aggressive environment of new experiences. Both in your personal and professional environment. You have no other way to recognize yourself.

It is possible that secretly you believe that there is no other professional like you on the planet. From the moment you are born, you are dedicated to expanding the scope of your life. And at some point, this spills over from your regular life into your profession. You push yourself forward in a desire to absorb as complete a picture as possible; passionately seeking new and vivid experiences, mastering new knowledge, new specialties.

You have the gift of challenging everything new and unusual only to find that it really matters. You see through the veil with which life surrounds its mysteries. That said, the thirst for adventure inherent in the Sixth Line does not keep you from making mistakes. You are just as capable of stumbling as any other person. Fortunately, the wisdom of the Third Line allows you to anticipate danger. In this respect, the Third Line is a very good helmsman.

In your profession, you need to learn how to intelligently combine wisdom with a thirst for experimentation. Trial and error for you is the most natural way of mastering new things in the professional field. You will make them until your old age. And this is what will increase your value in the eyes of your colleagues. You will serve as a good example for them. But only if you live your Design correctly, follow your Strategy and Authority, and emphasize your strengths.

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