Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 6/2 shows up in business life. What is Profile 6/2 Profile in business?

You combine the qualities of Role Model, who influences a wide range of people and sets an example, including your colleagues, and Hermit, who has a natural gift and likes to spend time alone.

You feel like a very authoritative person. You’ve had this for a long time, since early childhood. From birth to death, you try to be a model and an example. You are aware of the fact that people look up to you and look for a worthy role model in you.

You strive to control every detail of what is going on around you and including your work. Give someone your authority at least in part you agree, only after making sure that the candidate is worthy, competent and really wants to do it.

Throughout your life you absorb all kinds of information. You are constantly on the lookout for new knowledge. People around you look at you as a master of the broadest profile, the source of universal wisdom and a prophet in his own country. You seek and find a balance between the mundane and the spiritual.

And most importantly, you influence your business environment not just by chance, but with the help of your natural gift, which you are not aware of, but which nevertheless you have. And it is a gift on the level of your body. Something that you are also able to do with your hands. Let’s say, drawing, dancing, etc.

In your professional life it is extremely important for you to find this same gift and maybe even make it your main job. This will help you maximize your potential, reveal yourself in your calling.

Profile 6/2 in business

Sometimes it’s maddening to you that no one sees as big a picture as you do. Understand: it’s not because those around you are lazy and unloving, it’s just that most people don’t really understand why they need to. They’re not going to take matters into their own hands or dream of changing the world for the better. Few people see their true position in the world as clearly as 6/2. You just have your own perspective on life, and it is often beyond other people’s understanding.

You are versatile, upbeat and optimistic in your interactions with your colleagues. There is something confident, clear, complete and harmonious in your manner. You have the ability to be above worldly prejudices and see things as they really are.

You are not always ready to admit that you subconsciously restrain yourself. You are afraid to use your abilities to their full potential. At times you become withdrawn and unsociable. Those around you wonder if you should be disturbed at such times. It’s the soft undercurrent of the Second Line that’s breaking through to the surface.

You value your time and energy very highly. So if you take on any work, it must really be worth it. It has to be something that no one else but you can do. You are not a volunteer. You are waiting for a really worthwhile offer. If you are unable to recognize this aspect of your nature, you risk spending the rest of your life running from your own vocation. So without revealing its true potential, constantly skipping and looking for excuses for their own failure. The second line pulls you into the shadows. Remember: your wisdom and inspiration require the grateful attention of others. Without it, you are incapable of anything.

Keep this in mind and try not to go into hermitage all the time. You only need it from time to time. The rest of the time you should be in the public eye, because people need your example. They want to be like you. If you go into hermitage all the time, they will never know anything about you.

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