Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 5/2 shows up in business life. What is Profile 5/2 in business?

First of all, it’s worth noting that in the course of your business life you are constantly faced with other people’s projects. Colleagues expect you to take on a complex project, lead a new department, show your talent, offer a universally practical solution. You are well aware of all this and therefore try to be on top.

Your reputation and personal brand are very important to you. You can not allow anyone to be disappointed in you. And so you need to keep a mark and make every effort to meet other people’s expectations. If something goes wrong and you can’t be the person they want you to be, you may go into seclusion for a long time, shut yourself off from your colleagues and not communicate with anyone. And for the most part, you don’t realize it yourself. It is your natural need: to be alone.

Because of this, you can be a very curious mixture of other people’s projections and your own denials. And before you involve others in your business world, create a personal brand, and work on your reputation, you would do well to learn to come out of your shell. The desire for solitude merges in you with friendly fantasies

Profile 5/2 in business

The aspect of the 5th Line is more deliberate. Therefore, it leads you by exposing the projections that are placed upon you. It gives you the qualities of a leader, gives you a marvelous artistic image. But near the end of the day, your unsociable nature wakes up and you can hide in your shell.

Very often at work you give good ideas and put forward sensible projects. You even get down to implementing them. But your tendency to seclusion pulls you back. It doubts the need for your presence and does not see ways to develop. Your naturalness conflicts with fantasy.

You cautiously walk on the edge of interaction, not daring to dive into it. But if the situation is right and you are calm enough to allow yourself to be contactable, the 5th Line unfolds in all its glory. It stops hiding its face and begins to construct a mysterious reality.

But in doing so, the underlying fear of your nature does not disappear. It builds insurmountable barriers around you that no one can overcome. So here’s a piece of advice: try to care less about your reputation and listen to yourself more often. One way or another in his professional life you will change the masks and roles, writing scripts and go into different images, because you need to meet other people’s expectations, to correspond to what is expected of you. But you should do this only if your Strategy and Authority point to it. As for the rest, you should devote time to your natural gift, which you have from nature.

Even if you don’t realize it, it’s important for you to find a professional field where you can express your talent! This is where the key to success lies for you! And other people’s projections and expectations can be endless. Therefore, you still will not be able to live up to absolutely everything that is expected of you.

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