Each Profile is a synthesis of two Lines – conscious and unconscious. In your specific case, we are talking about the conscious manifestation of the 3rd Line of the Martyr and the subconscious manifestation of the 6th Line of the Role Model. To understand how Profile 3/6 Martyr-Role Model will affect your life, it is worth talking a little more about the Lines it consists of.

About Lines in Profile 3/6

There is a conscious manifestation of the 3rd Line of the Martyr in your Profile. The key feature of this Line is two words: “trial” and “error”. We can say that this is the motto of your whole life. You easily get involved in things and things that are new to yourself, enter into connections with previously unfamiliar people. And on this you burn yourself, gaining invaluable knowledge. The path of the Martyr is the path of the experimenter. Other people’s experience, generally accepted norms and rules do not suit you. And no matter how many warnings they give you, they will be useless until you yourself are convinced that they are reasonable. Always and in everything you must act, relying only on your own experience.

For Line 3, inconstancy and variability are very characteristic. Today you can be interested in one thing, and tomorrow you will choose a completely different direction for yourself. You are not looking for something specific, you just want to learn as much new as possible for yourself. And whenever you enter into a new relationship for yourself or choose an activity that has not been tried before, you will be mistaken, experience frequent disappointment. This is the mechanics of Line 3. She will force you to try your hand at something unknown, only so that you fail because of your inexperience.

If you look at this in dynamics, it may seem that you are very, very unlucky in life. But if you look at your life from a distance, you can find that all your mistakes, failures and losses are needed only so that you find the strength to resist a difficult fate. After all, it doesn’t matter how many times life hits you, what matters is how many times you get up after that. And you, as a Martyr, have had an incomparable opportunity through failure to gain a very deep understanding of life.

Profile 3/6

On the other hand, there is Line 6 of the Role Model in your Profile. Her wisdom, coming over time, can play a cruel joke on you. As a carrier of the Role Model Line, you will feel better, smarter, more capable than other people. But often, this is simply a potential inherent in you that still needs to be developed. Until then, it will only seem to you that you are better than the others, while you do not possess any outstanding qualities in practice. You will be very demanding of other people, ignoring your own shortcomings. And so, blinded by your pride, you will have to go through one life stage after another, gradually coming to an understanding of what real wisdom is.

The phased development is one of the key features of Line 6 of the Role Model. It has three distinct periods, each of which will bring you closer to understanding your nature. The first period begins at birth and lasts up to 30 years. At this age, you will fill your first bumps, following the voice of the impulsive Mind and infantilism. At the first stage, you are just beginning to learn about life, nevertheless, overflowing with the confidence that you know how to dispose of it. And in response to such self-confidence, fate will gradually break your rose-colored glasses, forcing you to see life without embellishment.

The second period begins after 30 and ends at about 50 years. It is also called “climbing the roof”. This is the time when you gradually become a mature person, but the flame of youth still burns inside. At this age, you are sometimes visited by various crazy ideas and desires, but past experience, coupled with the common sense that has come, allows you to stop in time and not get involved in all sorts of infantile actions.

The third period begins after 50 and lasts until the end of life. This is the so-called “descent from the roof” stage. At this age, you finally stop cherishing naive dreams, fully realizing what a “cruel” reality is. The real wisdom of life appears in you, not an illusion that you experienced at a young age, but a true understanding of how things work in this world. And at the same age, you are finally able to carry your wisdom to the outside world, becoming a kind of mentor for those around you.

False Self Profile 3/6

The False Self always manifests itself through the conscious Line. Your body-subconscious mind itself understands what is correct for it and what is not, and in fact, it is not about your choice. You will naturally find yourself in situations to which the subconscious Profile Line, the six of the Role Model, leads you. And no matter how you want, you cannot influence her in any way.

The theme of trial and error, inherent in the 3rd Lines of the Martyr, few people may like. Indeed, few are able to look at their failures with optimism, learning from them. For some, this ability comes only after many years of life, while others forever turn into pessimists and cynics, hating their lives. This is the mechanism of the False Self of the 3rd Line. He makes you give up because of failure, and instead of continuing to try more and more new things, you can simply huddle in the sink of routine and mundane, so as not to feel the taste of failure again.

It is important to understand what exactly is the cause of the manifestation of the False Self. After all, mistakes and failures in themselves are not something that should negatively affect a person. Is it strange that when you try something new for yourself, you fail? No, this is a natural process of growth and learning. It is not the failures themselves that make you give up, but what other people think of you. That is, instead of learning something step by step, you look back at the opinions of others. And, seeing their ridicule and reproaches, you begin to doubt yourself, allowing yourself thoughts like: “What if they are right, and this is not mine?” And the more often you think about what other people will think of you before starting something, the deeper the False Self will take root in your life, making you feel powerless.

Types in Profile 3/6

Depending on which Type you belong to, the nature of the Profile can manifest itself in slightly different ways. Let’s take a quick look at what distinctive features each Type will have if its Human Design defines a 3/6 Martyr-Role Model Profile.

Profile 3/6 – Generator

For Generator one thing is imperative to remember. Although you must go through a lot of trial and error to grow, you must not grab onto everything that comes into your field of vision. Some things (or people) do not suit you initially, and no matter how you try to convince yourself otherwise, it will not change anything. You must learn to use your Sacred Response correctly in order to avoid unnecessary people and activities. This is the only way you can get the right experience for yourself, developing exactly in those things that will be useful to you in life.

Profile 3/6 – Manifestor

Being Manifestor, you have good resistance to other people’s opinions, not allowing the False Self to freely control your life. But that doesn’t mean you can avoid it entirely. It’s just that it will be realized a little differently in your life. Instead of worrying about what others will say about you, you can negatively influence yourself. That is, you will blame yourself for sluggishness / inability / stupidity, etc. whenever you make a mistake or fail. For the Manifestoor, the main enemy is himself. Therefore, it is important for you to always monitor your thoughts and not allow your Mind to impose negative thinking on you.

Profile 3/6 – Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generator stands out among other Types for its predisposition to multitasking. If an ordinary Generator must focus its energy on one thing, then you can give all of yourself to several things at the same time. The main thing is not to forget that you and the Generators have the same Strategies. That is, despite the huge reserves of energy, you need to carefully choose where to apply it. If you grab onto everything without listening to the Response, you will drag yourself into the abyss of uninteresting affairs and activities that will morally exhaust you.

Profile 3/6 – Projector

Projectors in Profile 3/6, you have to be very careful. Your Type is inextricably linked with communication with other people, but at the same time, you are advised not to impose on others, but to wait until you receive an invitation from them. This imposes some scope on the trial and error process inherent in your Profile. That is, even if you want to try yourself in something, or start interacting with someone, you should not take the initiative. This is the mechanics of your Type. You need to learn to be patient and wait until opportunities (in the form of invitations from people) themselves knock on your doors, and not try to go ahead, imposing yourself. This is the only way you can correctly implement the Projector program in Profile 3/6.

Profile 3/6 – Reflector

The reflector in Profile 3/6 is primarily expressed in interpersonal interaction. You, as a representative of this Type, naturally adopt the traits and habits of those people with whom you come in contact. Therefore, the process of your transformation, going through your whole life, will be tied exactly to who you think, or want to consider yourself. You will over and over again try on other people’s “roles”, trying to reincarnate in them. Undoubtedly, you will come across such roles that you would gladly keep for yourself, would like to make them a part of your “I”.

But the further you move through life, the better you will realize that you do not belong to any of the roles. You are just an actor on the stage of life, who only for a while is embodied in some kind of image, but never completely surrenders to it. But as long as you understand this, you will not once or twice burn yourself on the fact that you will perceive yourself as someone who you really are not.

Profile 3/6 – Relations

In relationships, Profile 3/6 people tend to be very fickle. However, as in any other area. You can change partners quite often and quickly, which can be perceived as a kind of frivolity. But don’t be fooled into letting other people instill in you the “right” perception of what a relationship should be. If you cannot find what you are looking for, there is nothing wrong with continuing to search. It will be much worse if, despite your inner dissatisfaction, you forcefully overcome this feeling in yourself, literally forcing yourself to think differently. This will only lead to the dominance of the False “I” in your life, and, as a result, complete dissatisfaction with your reality.

Profile 3/6

You need to understand what is your driving force that makes you change relationships and partners. This is often a trivial interest. If a person is bored with you, if you have studied him enough to anticipate his words and actions, then it will be very difficult for you to stay with him. You always need something new in life, something that will surprise you.

Therefore, you need to look for such a person who will not “fizzle out” in a few months or years. A truly fruitful and long-term relationship for you can only be when you have found an extraordinary person who, even after a long time, can surprise you.

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