Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 3/6 shows up in business life. What is it like, Profile 3/6 in business?

Your incessant inner argument – to plunge into life or to be above it. Your experience and discernment come together to build a sage. Your experiments are hard and dangerous, but bring you insight. You become an example and an expert. Eventually your inner bully simply refuses to participate further in this circus, causing the circus dome to immediately turn into a green hill, the favorite refuge of sages and prophets.

The soldier grows to commander, the worker to manager, the actor to director. The representative of Profile 3/6 demands respect for himself. He comes to his colleagues with the attitude: I was there, I saw everything, I can tell you. For him, life is a perpetual school, where he can learn new professional skills. He comes in as an apprentice, and ends up as a director. Agree to any and all experiments. Your Sixth Line is a guarantee that you will come out of them alive and take a piece of knowledge and experience with you.

Unlike a 3/3, a 3/6 Profile can look forward to the end of chaos. Most 3/6s grow up three times. At 18, 30, and 50. The teenage tomboy pulls out of puberty and comes into adulthood already burdened with certain obligations. If the burden is not enough, the tomboy remains a tomboy until his 30s. By that age, the number of scars reaches optimum. Whatever happens next, by the age of 50 the 3/6 profile becomes at least a worthy role model, also professionally.

Profile 3/6 in Business

By 50, you rise above the chaos of life and begin to feel like an observer. You are a detached observer of your work, of your colleagues. You are the smartest and most proven person you know. Your input can make a significant difference in any endeavor. The Sixth Line is capable of insight. It gives the Third a vision of perspective. It spares the Third Line from their inherent breakthrough tactics in life. You are a real value that is hard to overestimate.

You are determined and distinctive in your interactions with your colleagues. This is mitigated somewhat by the Third Line’s inherent sense of humor. You are fascinating to the point of being admirable. You make a deep impression with your intelligence and attitude towards life.

The Third Line aspect, which does not tolerate any commitment, is impossible to avoid. The need to know where there is a fire escape is better reinforced by knowing where there is a mountain to hide from the flood. But Line Six knows how to control. It understands perfectly well the inadmissibility of running away before it is necessary.

The 3/6 profile controls the inner balance. The more it gets smarter, the better it manages. So it’s important for you to learn to only climb into situations that resonate with you internally. The inevitable period of disappointment you go through teaches you to be good at discerning what is worth doing professionally and what is not.

If you get the feeling that you’re stuck as a professional, it means you’ve come off the top in the wrong direction, in the wrong situation, and with the wrong people.

The 3/6 profile is always on the path to great wisdom, but completing that path is not easy. However, your high purpose keeps you on the path. You enjoy the process of setting a direction. Eventually, people (students) will start coming to you. They will ask you for professional advice and you will really be able to help them.

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