Each of us comes into this world to play a certain role. That role is defined by our Profile. Let’s look at how Profile manifests itself in the business sphere. And it manifests itself not only in ordinary life, but also in business life? We’ve already looked at how Profile 1/3 manifests itself in business. Now¬† we’re going on to Profile 3/5 Explorer-Martyr. What is Profile 3/5 in business?

If your Profile is 3/5, you’re the last person who should be told that life is a school of beating the odds. You know this better than most. Your being is filled with intoxicating chaos. You call it developmental potential. It breeds in you a wonderful sense of humor and makes you maintain a flawless charismatic appearance. You constantly impersonate James Bond. You make a graceful gesture of wiping sweat from your brow and promising to fight every day. If you live long enough, of course.

On the one hand, you are inevitably pessimistic, because you are constantly confronted with things that do not work. But on the other hand, this pessimism can acquire satirical traits and then your openness and ability to take a blow from fate will be a great guide for you in the business and career world!

As Profile 3/5 bearer, you come into this world to undergo an accelerated cycle of learning. Your wisdom is assembled from the pieces of trauma and failure. You might not have enough building material, but your incredible survivability bails you out.

Keep in mind that life will lead you into dead ends, break your heart with disappointments, and exhaust you with wrong situations. In doing so, it has the nerve to demand that you consider it a blessing in disguise. Your role involves endurance and observation. You are required to lead and lead. You are a capable and adaptable leader. In hard times you become a mystic and visionary. You are a rebel and an extremist, scolding the authorities and poking their bureaucratic noses into what works and what doesn’t in the country.

Profile 3/5 in business

And of course, all of these qualities will manifest themselves in your profession as well. You are someone who can change jobs frequently, because any position, any professional field will bring you something faulty and you will inevitably have to deal with it. However, if you live your Design correctly all those faults, all those difficult situations you encounter, will inevitably help you make amazing discoveries that you can later use for professional growth.

You want to be the force that brings change to all areas of life. Your adaptability makes you an expert on crises. You’ve just been there, you know how it all works out there and what will happen in the end. And so, over time, you can also change the professional area you are dealing with. Of course, it won’t happen right away, so you better have patience!

Having said that, as Profile 3/5 bearer, you strongly dislike making commitments. Your role doesn’t allow you to linger anywhere for long unless there’s something very much needed. Nevertheless, you always have a strategy, understand how to use it all to your advantage, and are willing to play around with global experiments and grandiose ideas.

The main secret of success for you is not to perceive your trials and errors as some kind of curse. Look at life and including your work with humor! Be open and adaptable! Don’t berate life for the fact that it constantly confronts you with crises. It’s so much fun to discover something new all the time!

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Study your Design and manifest yourself both in ordinary life and in business!

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