Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 2/5 shows up in business life. What is Profile 2/5 in business?

As the holder of Profile 2/5, you are in the process of finding a compromise between the reclusive habits of the Second Line and the violent fantasies of the Fifth Line. Fantasies subconscious, but quite definite. On the one hand, you like to be alone with yourself. On the other, you’re overly protective of your professional reputation. All this creates a strange and fascinating Profile of a capable leader who is in no hurry to take charge and lead the people into the wilderness. He just isn’t sure yet if it’s worth it. But if you take up the cause, there will be everything: great charisma, parting seas, gushing rocks and, of course, the promised land to prove it.

In order to take a leadership position in your team, to become the inspiration for a new work direction or project, you need first of all to be called. Colleagues must recognize your natural gift and appoint you as their leader. In addition, it is essential that your natural gift fully coincide with their expectations. In this case, you stand a good chance not only of realizing your talent and professional success, but also of creating a powerful personal brand that will help you move up the career ladder.

Your inherent detachment can cause you to find yourself lost, lost in the space of observed dramas. This is due to the strange combination of the search for projections and feedback inherent in the Second Line and the field of illusory projections generated by the Fifth. It causes you to oscillate between your own hypotheses and the spawning of other minds.

Profile 2/5 in business

No wonder you are constantly trying to hide your own insecurities about whether you can find anyone who can understand you and who can complement you. Will you ever feel a normal connection to anyone or anything around you? Apparently, this is why you tend to indulge in “non-serious” professional relationships. You are cautious. You expect a special relationship, a real job, a true purpose. The origins of this expectation are an unattainable dream of perfection. Professionally, this quality makes you very picky and unbearably meticulous.

Professionally, it leads to the fact that you never stay in one position for long. You tend to move from place to place all the time. You exhibit out-of-the-box thinking in the workplace. You literally suck innovation out of your finger. Your ideas are very unusual. Your insightful contribution to the common cause comes out of nowhere and surprises not only your colleagues, but also yourself. However, bathe in self-esteem and praise yourself, you are not used to. With you, it just can not happen. For praise you turn to friends and colleagues. Such praise gives you satisfaction. You feel recognized and appreciated.
Part of the secret to professional success for you is spending enough time alone and worrying too much about other people’s projections. You can’t be good for everyone anyway. So it’s better to spend more time with your natural gift. It is he who can be the key to your real success!

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