Today we’re going to talk about how Profile 1/4 manifests itself in business life. What is Profile 1/4 in business?

The first thing to note is that you are a typical opportunist. That is, you are willing to settle for all sorts of opportunities and prospects including in your business life. And new opportunities come to you mostly from your friends. So you have a network of people close to you who you trust, and it’s these people who can tell you about new and interesting prospects that could be good for you and your business. That said, you can’t just go along with everything. Your challenge: Explore the opportunities that your closest people tell you about.

Although you are open and almost always available for conversation in your network, you are disciplined and cautious in your work and are able to assess the due diligence and safety of a situation. This brings a certain contradiction to your professional life.

The friendly, but at the same time picky First Line conflicts with the sociable and cautious Fourth Line. You always need to see the whole picture. You need to understand every aspect of the new professional opportunity that has come your way. You need a solid foundation in order to take on a new job. This is where your passion for research comes in.

By and large, you are a person with an open mind and a pure desire to let everything it offers you into your life. But first, you should carefully consider and make sure that what you’re offering is safe.

When you immerse yourself in researching a particular professional field, you become closed to colleagues, even those who are part of your network. You must consider every issue from every possible perspective. That’s the only way you can feel confident. A foundation is what you need to be able to do a full job.

When you have researched your professional activities enough, you can become a real authority. People will trust you and ask for your advice. And you will confidently voice your position to them and share your opinion.

You might even say that your thorough research is the secret to professional success. Without research, you will always feel a little insecure. You will lack a knowledge base. Which means you will behave modestly and hesitate to voice your position on an issue.

Profile 1/4 in business

In communicating with people you are sensitive, noble and pure. You speak from the heart. You radiate strength and efficiency. Your warmth melts icy hearts and thaws frozen souls. But it’s all outward. Inside, you are timid and vulnerable. If people in their carelessness begin to push you too hard or too carelessly, you will retreat until your back rests against the surest of walls. When you are hurt, you cross your arms over your chest. You no longer want to hug anyone. You’ve built a boundary and prepared to defend it from trespassers.

When you come into a new collective, your First Line begins to build relationships with those present, determining the validity of the situation. And your Fourth Line scans the room, looking for those who seem the most sincere of those present. Relevance to the circumstances is your everything.

People with Profile 1/4 need to choose thoroughly who and what they accept into their lives. You are trying to find a stable job with a steady paycheck. You are a proponent of a healthy balance between what you do and what you get for it.

Your relationship with your coworkers needs to remain two-way. It is a prerequisite for your mental comfort and development. Only by finding this foundation of trust can you truly express and reveal yourself.

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Study your Design and manifest yourself both in ordinary life and in business!

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