Each of us comes into this world to play a certain role. That role is defined by our Profile. Let’s take a look at how the Profile manifests itself in the business world. Let’s start with Profile 1/3 Explorer-Martyr. Whaе can be Profile 1/3 in business?

If your Profile is 1/3, there is nothing more interesting for you to do than to study a subject at the deepest level. And this shows up not only in your regular life, but also in your professional life. Your goal in life and work is to get to the bottom of things, to make sure that they are reliable enough to rely on. Because you explore things so deeply, many things do not stand up to such scrutiny, after which you discard them as unnecessary. You might even say that you are a champion at detecting falsehoods. What you don’t stand up to your scrutiny and in-depth research, to you it’s all not real, false, fake. Which means you shouldn’t use these things in your work.

It’s important to note that all of your professional research takes place on a conscious level. When you have the opportunity to study something, your Mind rejoices and you deliberately go about experimenting, believing that in this way you can prove yourself as an authoritative collaborator who can be trusted.

But don’t forget that you also have a subconscious part. And it will appear in your work whether you want it or not. And subconsciously you’re always going to encounter things that don’t work well, exploring this world by trial and error.

Let’s say you’re a developer. Your third line will be constantly making mistakes and discovering patterns that need to be corrected or simply abandoned because they don’t work as they should. And then your conscious part will already be experimenting with this through long research, gradually gaining and becoming an authoritative expert who can share his ideas and research results with his colleagues.

Profile 1/3 in business

Your purpose is. to constantly question the value of things, work patterns and people around you including your colleagues. This means that you have to grasp new facets of your profession in the most difficult way possible. The mistakes you make in life will gradually reveal your innate professional purpose, which will become clearer with age.

Your main task at work is to discover what is not working and report it to other employees. Once you find a defect in something you encounter along the way, such as in your customer service process, you reach your goal and can move on, experiencing the next object.

You are always trying to find everything in life and in the profession that is reliable and long-term, so it will take you a long time to find a sense of real stability and become a credible expert. Nevertheless, despite all the bumps you’ll rack up along the way, life won’t make you give up on your professional pursuit. Your persistence will still win out in the end and help you find a solid foundation that you can always lean on.

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Study your Design and manifest yourself both in ordinary life and in business!

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