Planets in Human Design have a pretty strong impact on us. They largely determine our desires, character traits and goals that we set for ourselves. Planetary influence is one of the main concepts in Human Design. Each celestial body at the moment of our birth leaves a certain imprint on our Bodygraph and, as a consequence, on our Personality. By the arrangement of the planets in the Bodygraph, you can determine all the main aspects of life. To understand what role this or that planet plays in our life, you need to carefully study its meaning. This is important not only from the point of view of personality formation, but also from the point of view of upcoming events, which are also greatly influenced by the planets.

The Sun: What Role Does It Play in Human Design

The sun is a huge clot of energy force, the core, the basis of the original human nature. It is this planet that is responsible for our main purpose, self-expression and shows the main theme of our incarnation.

70 percent of the neutrinos that program us and pass through our planet are transmitted by the Sun. Our conscious and unconscious, what passes through a person and is grounded within him, also depends on the daylight.

Sun and Earth: how they fit together

When doing a detailed analysis of the Human Design map, it is impossible to consider the Sun and Earth separately. They are very closely related. While the Sun is responsible for our inner “I” and the main purpose given to us from above, the Earth is responsible for how we realize this very purpose in life, being in a concrete tangible earthly embodiment. These two planets are completely inseparable, they are the basis, the foundation of the concept of Yin and Yang within each person. The sun is Yang and the Earth is Yin. This is a display of internal interaction and confrontation between light and dark, good and evil, energy and matter. The Sun of Personality is our ability to shed inner light outward.

The sun and the earth directly show the genetic inheritance of each person. The Earth indicates genetics from the Mother, and the Sun identifies the genetic heritage of the Father. Each of us is the next link in the continuous genetic chain along the father’s line. From you to your father and mother, further from them, and so on back to infinity. You are the top of this pyramid, and absolutely all the ancestors on the paternal line are located below you. It is you, at the very top, who can manifest all aspects of this genetic field.

The stream of neutrinos that comes from the Sun is, as it were, filtered through our bodies and is grounded in them. And we are converting solar energy into earthly energy. Thus, in every life, the interaction between matter and energy, material and spiritual, conscious and subconscious, is manifested. The stronger and more stable the inner earthly support, the brighter the light coming from within and directed to the outside world will be. This is something like photosynthesis, during which plants convert solar energy into chemical energy to maintain their vital activity.

In deciphering Human Design, Earth is most often seen as equilibrium or balance. These are the qualities that we should rely on in earthly matters. The better you manifest the qualities of a gate charged with the energy of the Earth, the easier it is for you to withstand any difficult situation and cope with any obstacles that arise in your path. Only thanks to the Earth do we acquire the ability to exist in this world and understand the forms of earthly life.

Moon: what is its essence

The moon is the driving force of our subconscious. She is responsible for the actions that we perform literally at the level of our body. Without it, there would be no life on Earth that we are used to, evolution would have gone a different path.

70 percent of the neutrino flux comes from the Sun, but the direction of this flux is determined by the Moon. The archetype of the Moon is an adult daughter, it is she who enables the Earth to fulfill its purpose, for which the Sun is in turn responsible.

In other words, the Moon is a reflection of the inner world of a person, projected onto ordinary earthly life.

North node: what is its essence

Strictly speaking, the Nodes are not directly related to the Planets. However, they play an important role in Human Design. The north lunar node is a kind of indicator of the direction to the future, a person’s inner navigator

If we consider the North Lunar Node from an age point of view, then this period begins at about 40 years old. It is at this age that cardinal changes occur in the life of any person. How are they expressed? First of all, in the fact that we stop taking from life what he gives us, and begin to give. We share our acquired knowledge, experience, secrets with others. wisdom. And ideally, we do this until we die. At this stage, a person lets go of everything that no longer works. He takes with him into the future only effective tactics and strategies that he can apply throughout his later life. The location of the North Node on the Design map speaks to how exactly we can realize the skills and experience acquired throughout life.

It doesn’t matter at all what age cycle you are in now. Nodes are designed to activate certain gates that are located there.

South node: what is its essence

The south node is the internal geometry responsible for the life movement process. This node can be called a window that allows programming from the neutrino field. When any of the planets connects to a node, all the programming laid down by the stars is erased. Its cycle is 18.6 years.

The South Node describes the stages of our development and maturation, personifies our immaturity until we reach the Opposition of Uranus. The transition from the South node to the North is a qualitative leap from adolescence to maturity. The stage of maturity begins at the age of 38 to 43 years. It is during this period that we begin to live in a new way. The shift towards the North Node means that we leave in the past everything that no longer works and enter a new, more conscious stage. Now it is the gates of the North Node that assume dominant functions and we can stop taking from life what it used to give us and start sharing our experience with others.

Mercury: what is its essence

The main indicator of communication in the Bodygraph is Mercury. It fully reflects our sociability, ability to communicate and get along with other people, endows us with the ability to think, reason, think, makes us individual.

Mercury is closest to all other planets to the Sun. Its cycle is 89 days, it is he who directly affects the formation of the fetus at the beginning of pregnancy and prepares the soul and body for birth. This role of Mercury is called the formation of the Personality Crystal. This planet can be safely called the Solar Filter. He passes through himself all the information from the Sun, which is involved in the programming of our Personality.

If we recall mythology, then Mercury appears there before us as the elder brother of the Sun. In the Human Design system, Mercury takes an active part in the formation of the Personality Crystal even before our birth.

Everything that we want to say, discuss, express our point of view – sits tightly inside us. And since we are social creatures, communication skills are simply necessary for us. That is why it is very important to learn how to correctly express the themes of the Gate of Mercury.

Venus: what is its essence

Venus is the personification of feminine energy. In ancient Roman and Greek mythology, people feared this indomitable feminine power and therefore they embodied the image of Venus as the Goddess of Love and Passion. Although, in fact, the real role of Venus is more significant. The ancient Maya began sacrificial rites only when Venus appeared in the heavens. Their perception of the planet is strikingly different from the ancient Roman one.

Planets Human Design

In the Human Design chart, Venus does not carry an aesthetic or love meaning, but personifies moral values ​​and ethics. She divides the boundaries in our subconscious between good and bad. What exactly motivates a person to show positive or negative emotions, what moral values ​​are basic in everyday life.

If we consider Venus paired with Mars, then its beauty, love, creative nature – this is only one side that we are used to considering. But there is another. It is in tandem with Mars that Venus acts as a rebel. She does not support traditional views, but is fully tuned in to affirm feminine power.

Despite such an enormous power of those Gates that are under the influence of Venus, it is this place that is very vulnerable in your Bodygraph.

Mars: what is its essence

Mars shows a manifestation of immature strength. That is, how a person will manifest himself in situations that are not standard for him, such as conflicts, quarrels, stress. These are uncontrollable emotions during an adrenaline rush. Mars can be compared to a teenager who is now an affectionate and affable boy, and a minute later – a cruel tyrant. Its energy is powerful and strong, prone to destruction, but completely immature.

This fact cannot be characterized as positive or negative – it just is. Not every person is ready to admit his moral immaturity. For this, at least, it is necessary to reject unbridled emotions and youthful maximalism.

Jupiter: what is its essence

Inside Jupiter, endless reactions take place that release streams of special energy needed by human consciousness – Jupiter controls the incarnation processes taking place on Earth.

Jupiter’s influence is the strongest after the Sun. This planet protects the earth from various alien bodies, for example, from asteroids or comets. That is why, in mythology, Jupiter has always been considered the Protector of the Earth.

Jupiter differs from Venus in that it carries not moral abstractions, but the laws of inner strength. The realization of the gates fixed by Jupiter means harmony and success in the future of a person.

As soon as the law is violated, punishment follows. In what period of life, in what area and in what way a person will be punished, Saturn will determine.

Saturn: what is its essence

Saturn often causes negative emotions in us associated with illness, deprivation, death, and so on. In Human Design, this planet looks quite noble, due to its honesty and righteousness. This is the only planet that does not deceive, but points only to the truth raised to the absolute. Saturn plays the role of the supreme judge, who assigns just punishment for non-compliance with the laws. We can say that a person is trained through punishment. The further a person retreats from his Law of Development (the gate of Jupiter), the stronger, in a negative sense, the aspects of Design and Personality determined by Saturn will manifest.

The position of Saturn on the Design chart shows where, when and how you will be punished. It is here that you will encounter resistance due to suffering, disease and severe obstacles. However, if you do not break your law, then Saturn will leave you alone. This will be his fair reward.

Uranus: what is its essence

Uranus indicates the creative aspects of the human soul, what he is talented in, what features he has in communication and thinking. The gates that Uranus identified indicate aspects that enhance the future of the individual. The position of Uranus on the Human Design map brings dramatic changes in every sense. Thanks to Uranus, you can determine what features of the worldview and subtleties in behavior others can notice. The person himself is well aware of the presence of all these qualities in himself.

At the center of Human Design is Uranus. It is this planet that is closest to our nature. Uranus was discovered in 1781, after which the quality of life on our planet began to rapidly improve. Since this year, we have switched to an 84 – year cycle, which is significantly different from the 29 – year cycle that was earlier.

Uranus defines the themes of chaos and order. To gain inspiration, Uranus is looking for chaos, the attraction to which will be visible in the first half of the cycle. And in the second – order and peace should reign.

Neptune: what is its essence

Neptune is an opportunity to develop intuition at certain gates of the Design and Personality card. He points to those places where mysticism, spirituality is present, as well as places where our consciousness indulges in illusions, dreams and dreams.

Neptune may well be compared to Pandora’s box, if you delve into these mystical events, then one illusion will be followed by another. There is a high probability of getting lost in the virtual world of dreams and dreams.

The best thing you can do after determining exactly where Neptune is is to simply walk by and not focus your attention on it. Although Neptune provides a great opportunity to withdraw into yourself and plunge into a magical world that is intended only for you. The main thing is to learn how to maintain a balance between reality and the fictional world.

Pluto: what is its essence

Pluto is a planet that goes through its cycle in more than 250 years. It can stay in each gate for  up to 7 years, so its influence on the Design and Personality of a person is very great.

Pluto always represents only the truth. He always tells you the truth, good or bad. Pluto’s location in the Design chart shows where Truth is. Throughout his life, man will investigate this Truth.

Planets Human DesignThe dark side of Pluto indicates that each of us must plunge into our own darkness in order to see our inner Light. The place where Pluto is located in your chart is the very dark side of the subconscious that you will have to face in one of the periods of your life.

Human Design is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, using which you will enrich not only intellectually, but also spiritually. Thoughtful study of this system will allow you to radically change your attitude to life, and then chaos and suffering will be replaced by order and prosperity. If self-development is a priority for you, and you strive to realize yourself as a person, then we will definitely become friends, and I will gladly share with you any of my best practices.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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