Do you know what Open Emotions Human Design experience next to Determined ones?

Incredible bliss when Emotionals are at the top of the wave, and unbearable pain when Emotionals are at the bottom of the wave. Thus, through the perception of the bearers of open emotions, the state of the Emotionalists is amplified several times over. Open Emotions absorb all their joys, sorrows, and pains. Moreover, they live all of this several times more intensely, and it seems to them that all of these experiences apply directly to them, although in fact they do not.

Consider an example. The bearer of open emotions comes to driving school.
His instructor turns out to be a person who is strict, serious and very emotional. And when the instructor is in a good mood, it immediately seems to the student that he is making incredible progress. He feels like he’s on the crest of a wave. It’s as if learning to drive is the best experience he’s ever had. He feels that driving is wonderful, and the puddles on the roads are incredibly beautiful and life is very good, too. But after a while, that state evaporates, as if it never happened. And then the student returns to his usual steady state.

And when the instructor happens to have a low wave, everything is turned upside down. The student fears him, hates his lessons and everything around him. It may even come to tears: that’s how much the carriers of determined Emotional Center can get hold of their interlocutors.

Open Emotions Human Design

The Open Emotional Mind doesn’t want to experience pain, so carriers of an Open Emotional Center avoid confrontation and try not to say what they really think. They essentially become liars, living in an imaginary world of fairies and unicorns.

They want there to always be sunshine, rainbows and laughter. So the Open Emotions look for ways to placate the bearers of a certain Emotional Center. Their Mind looks for those ways.

In the case of the student and the instructor, the former, living his nature incorrectly and not allowing himself to be truthful, will look for ways to placate the instructor, to make him not angry or anxious. But any attempts he makes will meet with resistance and never succeed.

The secret is to allow the open emotions to live their emotional states and not to take them personally. When necessary, you simply have to step out of the field of certain emotions.

To be able to deal with the carriers of a certain Emotional Center is a great skill. To live those emotions, not to push them inside, not to look for blame or to blame yourself.
Being able to talk about your feelings and stay with them is hard work every day.
This applies to both Open Emotions and Determined Emotions. Each of us must be able to acknowledge our emotional truth and not try to suppress it within ourselves.

And here, perhaps, only understanding the truth about ourselves and the other person will help us to be together in both sorrow and joy, on top of the rainbow and at the very bottom of despair and pain.
Simply because knowledge is liberating and brings into our lives the relief of understanding the nature of things.

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