As we study our Bodygraph, it is very important to understand how the mechanics of the Centers work. This gives us a number of advantages as we build our lives according to new rules and surrender to what is going on around us.

Human design is not just about knowing yourself. It’s also about living your nature. It’s about choosing yourself in all circumstances. And choosing ourselves is about living a healthy, safe and fulfilling life. When we trust in the universe, don’t rush things and enjoy every minute of it.

You don’t choose yourself if your energy is draining to a place where not only are you not you, but you can’t be you. The Open Centers of our Bodygraph are places where we betray ourselves or not. On the one hand, they help us learn a lot, but on the other hand Mind pushes us to live the open nature incorrectly, succumbing to outside influence and constantly proving something to someone.

By living openly, we are living someone else’s life and denying ourselves the opportunity to realize our natural potential and experience the pleasure of life.

How Open Centers manifest itself

Let’s look at how the openness of each Center manifests itself.

If you have Ego Center open, you betray yourself when you devalue your own achievements and successes. You are like a participant in a race where you have no chance of winning.
And even when you come to the finish line first, you feel your triumph overshadowed by the fact that some of your rivals have shown themselves to be better than you. That’s when you get back in the game and keep proving to the world that you’re the best.

If you have Emotional Center open, you betray yourself when you don’t tell your truth, when you’re afraid to even look at that truth for fear of the reaction of your environment.
And you are forced to pretend to be nice so you don’t get hurt, or to attack first so they are afraid and don’t even think about hurting you. But inside it all hurts.

Open Centers Human Design

If you have Splenic Center open, you betray yourself when you make choices that are unhealthy but familiar. It can be a partner, a job, an environment, a place.
You may feel very unwell, but you will be afraid to change anything due to habit.

If you have G Center open, you betray yourself when you try to hold onto love and direction in your life and you don’t want to part with it because you’re afraid of being lost, afraid of being alone. And then any direction, any person, even the most unsuitable person becomes a desirable partner, as long as you are not alone.

If you have Root Center open, you betray yourself, when you are trying to do everything.
And you burn out, not being able to withstand the pressure and stress.

If you have Sacral Center open, you betray yourself when you don’t know that you’ve had enough of being busy and it’s time to stop and rest.

Save yourself, leave the work for those to whom it will bring real satisfaction.

If you have Throat Center open, you betray yourself when you try to draw attention to yourself in any way possible for fear of going unnoticed. And you waste, waste, waste your resource to get people to see you.

If you have Crown Center open, you betray yourself when you start dealing with issues, looking for meaning in topics that have nothing to do with your life at all. Particularly when you spend your time and energy scrolling through your social media feeds. It takes energy too, we just don’t always realize it.

If you have Ajna Center open, you betray yourself when you pretend to be confident in your own views, concepts, opinions. When you stuff your head with all kinds of nonsense, which doesn’t matter, but helps you at least for a while to feel not stupid, but quite an educated man.

What is the way out of this?

Only one. Strategy and Inner Authority.

All truth lies in your body, in your uniqueness, which is given by nature.
That which is defined in the Bodygraph. And there is no other truth. But that is only for you.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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