What role plays nutrition in Human Design? There is such a thing as PHS – Primary Health System. And here we are primarily talking about food. Why is this topic of particular importance? The fact is that by changing our nutritional habits and rebuilding our nutrition system, we work with our subconscious. We absorb all information about Design with Mind. This means that there is a temptation to limit ourselves to only theory. But if we start working directly with the Body, then our subconscious mind is renewed.

How does food affect our lives?

In the modern world, there are many fashionable nutritional trends and theories about what is considered proper nutrition. Someone urges us not to eat gluten, someone – to give up dairy products, someone says that it is necessary to exclude foods containing sugar from the diet.

In order for our Body to function correctly – and it is correct for itself, and not for our Mind, it is necessary that it, among other things, receive certain nutrients.

You are what you eat, ”Hippocrates once said. And he clearly meant something deeper than just health and fitness. He spoke rather about the mental and spiritual state of a person.

Nutrition in Human Design

Some scientists argue that the food we eat affects not only our behavior, but also our character and overall emotional background. Correctly selected food is the key to a good mood and a correct attitude towards yourself and the world. And it is for this reason that it is worth paying special attention to this topic.

The secret here is to choose a dietary regimen for yourself, not being guided by the arguments of the Mind and theories, which are constantly changing. Your body is the one who tells you how to eat right. Will tell you what it lacks for full functioning. When your body gets all the micronutrients it needs, your body is in top shape and your mind is clean and almost free of prejudice.

How to choose the correct dietary regimen

The PHS or Primary Health System encourages us to eat in a certain way. Moreover, in this case, we are not talking about any specific products, which we just encounter in nutritional theories. The Human Design nutrition system has a more global meaning. You are given instructions on what you need to focus on when choosing food. Let’s say it could be its quality or taste. Or even the circumstances in which you accept it. And for some, even the soundtrack plays a role. We will not be limited in any way based on the guidelines that PHS offers us. We will only receive instructions, and then our task is to connect with ourselves, with our nature and begin to trust our Design.

Therefore, if you think that the Human Design diet will impose any restrictions on your diet, you are wrong. On the contrary, he will help you taste life with all its delights, feel its true taste.

What is your PHS talking about? If you have not studied this issue yet, I advise you to fix it and pay attention to such an important component of your Bodygraph .

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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