Let’s imagine that fate brought together people who belong to non-energy Types. For example, two Projectors. Or Projector and Reflector. Where can such a couple get energy? How to feel that life is in full swing? And most importantly: is it possible? Basically, if two non-energy types are in a relationship, there is no constant circulation of energy in their union. This means that at some point it may happen that one of the partners will start looking for this energy on the side. The second may not like it. There will be a quarrel, misunderstanding. Or there may be a different situation. The two non-energy Types will become obsessed with each other. One will wait in vain for an energetic return from the other. As a result, both will be bored. The relationship will not develop in any way and will gradually reach a critical point. 

How to be in this situation? Is it possible to avoid the crisis? Sure. And from this article, you will learn exactly how to do it.  

Non-Energy Types: Where to Get Energy

When two Types, who do not have their own internal energy, enter into a relationship, they, as a rule, are not aware of the mechanics of interaction with each other. At first, they expect a constant holiday and a fountain of bright emotions from the relationship. And for some time they even stay in absolute bliss. And only years later they can become very disappointed in each other, because the energy of interaction between them will most often be in the red, and the relations themselves will not develop as brightly and richly as, say, two Generators. 

Two non-energy Types who have entered into a love union will look at other couples and wonder: how do they do everything and why are they so funny all the time? And it seems that they have all the conditions for a happy life: mutual feelings, and a good job, and a cozy apartment, and the opportunity to go on vacation together … And still something is missing. Something very important. As if the most important events of their life pass them by. 

Non-energy Types

The mechanics are very simple. The two non-energy Types often lack energy. Any non-energy Type (be it a Projector or a Reflector) needs constant recharge from the outside, since it does not have an internal one. As a rule, other people (energy Types) become such a recharge. This means that each partner needs to actively communicate outside of the pair. Look for friends, join creative unions, etc. Go on business trips. Meet with relatives. Host parties and celebrations at home. It is even possible to plan vacations separately from each other.

The main thing is to get used to such routines and not consider them a deviation from the norm. Since partners cannot nourish each other energetically, it means that other people need to be involved in this. The bigger, the better.

This can work best in a relationship between two Projectors. Let’s say two Projectors live together. Each of them works and constantly encounters different people. If these people are Generators or Manifestors, partners will be able to feel needed next to them, helping them develop their talents and strengths and find use of their boundless energy. Of course, all this will be relevant only on condition that the Projectors follow their Strategy and wait for an invitation. 

And to enhance the effect, Projectors could share their successes with each other.

This pattern will apply not only to work, but also to other areas of life. For example, if two non-energy Types in a relationship go on vacation, it would be better if they take a couple of friends with them. So the vacation will be more fun and active for them than if they were alone. 

Thus, if you and your partner are both non-Energy Types, take your time to make sad predictions about your relationship. Live an active life, communicate with different people, engage in a hobby, come up with new hobbies, travel, build a career, try to go out as often as possible. This will keep both of you toned. And your relationship will only benefit from this!

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