Today we will discuss a topic that will never lose its relevance – money. And not just money, but money in Human Design. Is it possible to have material abundance, be successful, achieve your goals and at the same time receive joy and satisfaction from your work and understand that you are fully realizing your mission? And with this, not to fight with anyone and not compete, to feel peace in your soul and live in harmony with others? In other words, is money compatible with spiritual well-being? 

Unfortunately, in the modern world there are many stereotypes about money. Many of us tell ourselves: if my income reaches six figures, then my life will become much easier, I can finally relax and do what I like. But unfortunately, such a moment may never come. And we continue to go to our unloved work for the sake of money and we don’t have enough of them all the time … We want more and more. I would like to buy myself a more expensive car, a more spacious apartment, go to a prestigious resort, etc. 

Money in Human Design

Or another option. The moment when we can afford absolutely everything that money can buy. Indulge in pleasures and gastronomic delights. We want to go wherever we want. Don’t look at prices. But the point is, if our motivation and ways to achieve all of this do not come from our inner being, all this does not bring us any joy. 

In both cases, we are engaged in materialization. We consider money to be our top priority in life. And we do everything just for the sake of money. We conclude a deal after a deal. We forget about the spiritual. We only think about how to buy this and that and make our life even more abundant.

But unfortunately, material abundance, if it is not supported by spiritual abundance, not only does not bring us joy … It poisons us from the inside. Harmful to our body and spirit. We are oversaturated with material goods, which are now in abundance. We indulge ourselves with what we could well do without. We allow ourselves luxury and excesses. In food, in clothes, in rest … In all areas of our life. And at some point we realize that we can’t do this anymore. That something needs to be changed. And at this moment we want to give up everything: from our career, home and the usual way of life. Go somewhere to a secluded place and become invisible to the whole world. That is, we switch from one extreme to the other. But is it necessary to bring this up? Is there a way to avoid this state of affairs?   

As Ra Uru Hu said: “If you live your design, then you will have all the material abundance that you need. Because it is important to remember…. As soon as you stop controlling your life, your life becomes absolutely financially prosperous. ” 

In fact, each of us has our own way of finding a goal, fulfilling our destiny and earning money. In the modern world, it is generally accepted that it is normal to want to make millions. But this is not the case. For some, it is enough to earn just enough to cover basic needs. And that’s okay. In no case should you worry about this.

Our nature knows best what we need. And if you do not want to live in a luxurious villa and drive a super cool car, just take it for granted and be glad that the Universe has awarded you the greatest gift – the ability to be content with little and do without material excesses. 

Now let’s see what role money plays in the life of each Type. And how each Type can come to material well-being, while not forgetting about its spiritual component. 

Which role money play in the lives of different Types in Human Design?

Generator. His main goal is satisfaction from the activities that he is engaged in. He does not need to be a leader, be bossy, or earn more than others. He wants to receive a fair reward for the energy expended. The amount of the fee does not matter for the Generator, the most important thing for him is to feel satisfaction from the result himself. And this should become a key factor for him when choosing a job. 

Manifestor. Strives to achieve peace. Get rid of outside influence. It is important for him to do what he loves and in which he finds comfort. The amount of remuneration for work is not so important. On the other hand, it is the Manifestors who most often manifest themselves as successful businessmen and are constantly moving forward to new material heights. However, it is in such a situation that they experience discomfort, following the mind, and not the response of the heart. The situation is aggravated by the fact that, focusing primarily on material things, the Manifestors cannot achieve the desired peace. 

Projector. For this Type, the most important thing is success. Recognition, leadership, the ability to direct other people in the right direction and direct their energy – this is what helps the Projector feel in demand. If not successful – The projector is experiencing significant discomfort. And even big money cannot compensate for this feeling.

Reflector. Should be surprised. Enjoy the process, find something new in the work, be amazed, move on and experience amazement again. Routine and monotony are contraindicated for them. It doesn’t matter how much money they get.

Which conclusion can be drawn from the above? Such that we value too much money itself, overestimate its role in our life. Money is energy. And it’s up to us how to handle it.

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