When we start experimenting with our Design, mistakes are inevitable. It doesn’t happen that we start to live out our Design without making a single mistake along the way. Mistakes in Human Design are normal. Especially when it comes to something new and unexplored. There is no need to be afraid of mistakes. You shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes in the Experiment. If you don’t make mistakes at all when experimenting with your Design, then you are clearly doing something wrong.

We get the reading, pass the Living, and start our Experiment. Thus begins our challenging journey. At first we may be absolutely elated. We may think that we are doing well and that our real life is about to begin. But at some point we may slip up. Some part of our experiment may not go well.

And that’s when our Mind begins to be in control. It never tires of doing this. It intervenes always and everywhere to assert its power again and again. He will blame you for every slip, for every mistake, to show that you are useless without it.

How to be in this situation? How to make your mind calm down and loosen its grip? After all, the Mind should only be an observer, not a judge. It should analyze, not give advice on how to improve life. Yet that is not the way it really is. Our Mind is ready to interfere in any matter, even if we don’t want it to. So how do we get it to stop blaming us for our mistakes?

Let us remember how toddlers learn something. If they don’t lick a rock on the playground and eat sand, they never learn that it doesn’t taste good. Who cares if their mom has already told them it’s gross? Didn’t try it, so it didn’t happen.

Mistakes Human Design

It’s the same with The Experiment. What difference does it make that you know you don’t owe anyone anything when your Ego Center is open? What good does it do to know that there’s no point in constantly drawing attention to yourself if you have open Throat Center?

Sometimes some things become clear quickly, and sometimes it takes time and again to live through them to notice a distorted pattern. And not only to notice it, but to think about how to change it. To change it and to fix it. And here, trial and error are inevitable.

How not to make mistakes experimenting with your Design

Don’t berate yourself for not being able to unravel in three years and become awakened, enlightened and very happy. No one succeeds.

Each step of the Experiment removes a thin layer of conditioning. But it cannot remove absolutely all layers at once. It is impossible. Every time you wait for what life brings you, you develop the right pattern, which then becomes a habit for you.

Every time you say no to something that is not yours, you say yes to something that is Yours alone. And what is yours, no one can ever take away.

Don’t be afraid to be wrong! Make mistakes, and enjoy your mistakes! Life never rates us for diligence and good behavior. But each of us she gives unique opportunities. The main thing not to be afraid to step up to them. And what if you’re wrong again? But it will be your mistakes, and that, too, is worth a lot.

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