What is melancholy in common? And what is melancholy in Human Design? This concept has many definitions. In psychology, melancholy is defined as a type of depression. It is believed that a person in a state of melancholy falls into apathy. Prefers to be inactive. He sees the world exclusively in shades of gray. Becomes irritable and avoids social contact. 

However, melancholy and depression are completely different things. Depression is a clinical concept. Sometimes, serious medical measures are required to get rid of depression. Of course, this can be avoided. It all depends on the stage of development of this condition. There is nothing wrong with melancholy. Moreover, such periods in a person’s life can bring amazing results and help him realize something very important about himself. And even the fact that in a state of melancholy a person prefers to abstract from the outside world does not carry any negative meaning. Indeed, in solitude, sometimes the most amazing ideas come. We can find in ourselves the notes of creativity that we did not previously suspect.

Melancholy in Human Design

From a technical point of view, melancholy can manifest in all people whose Bodygraphs have Channels or Gates of the Individual Circuit

And in this article we will try to shed light on the ways in which this state can be lived.  

Melancholy: by what signs you can recognize it

Let’s first see how you can recognize melancholy. How this condition will affect human behavior. 

First of all, I would like to say about the following features:

 a tendency to shut out the world

 the desire to be alone

 indifference to what usually causes joy

 slight apathy

 decreased vitality

lack of desire to do household things (work, home, renovation, etc.)

 lack of desire to participate in friendly and family gatherings

 dislike of crowds  

 desire to do something unusual, creative

These are perhaps the main signs by which you can distinguish melancholy. As you can see, there is nothing to do with depression. Because depression is characterized by completely different behaviors. And here are some of them.

 feeling of own uselessness and worthlessness

 negative outlook on the world

 decreased attention and concentration

 suicidal thoughts

 decreased appetite

 sleep disturbance

Thus, melancholy and depression do not correlate with each other. Depression is more about our physical condition. It can manifest itself even at the level of the body in the form of serious ailments and diseases. And melancholy is not a disease. This is an amazing and wonderful state that you need to learn to live.

Here are some guidelines to help you do this. 

  1. Retire often. Don’t try to meet someone’s expectations. If you have made an appointment with a friend, but you want to be alone with yourself, do not try to resist this state. Cancel the appointment, lock yourself in your room, read an interesting book, or listen to music. Never go against your own will.
  2. Spend as much time as possible in silence. Try to isolate yourself from extraneous sounds. Music is perhaps the only acoustic accompaniment that can help you in this state.
  3. Get creative. Think about what your soul craves. What would you like to do, but never did. Melancholy is the best time to discover something new.

Of course, in each specific case, melancholy proceeds very individually. But one thing is clear: it should not be accompanied by social activity. And you don’t need to feel guilty about it. Enjoy this state. Learn to enjoy it.

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