In Human Design we often talk about maya. This concept is of particular importance both from the point of view of getting rid of conditionality, and from the point of view of accepting one’s True Self. Maya and Human Design are not exactly the same thing. And yet they have a lot in common. Let’s try to understand the concept of Maya and see how it came to Human Design.

Maya in philosophy

The concept of Maya comes to us from Hindu philosophy. It means a special energy, which, on the one hand, hides the true nature of the world, and on the other hand, ensures the diversity of its manifestations. In other words, Maya is an illusion in which we live. Each of us has our own illusion, our own world. We want our life to be the way we prefer to see it. We come up with certain plots for ourselves and we ourselves play key roles in them. It is as if we are writing a play for our life. Sometimes it happens that we do not live our own life, but only its illusion. And this applies not only to ourselves. Illusion is everywhere. Not only within us, but also in the world around us.

Maya and Human Design

According to Hindu philosophers, a person builds the illusion of the world as a result of his ignorance (avidya). He has a false idea of ​​life and the universe. And it is this that is maya. This phenomenon can be compared to the constantly changing shape of clouds and bubbles in the water. The true essence is hidden behind external changes, but we are not destined to comprehend it – simply because our consciousness is arranged in a certain way. He likes to live in an illusion. What if the world is not the way we want it to be? What then? How to accept reality in its objectivity? Isn’t it better to make it subjective and see what our Mind wants to see?

According to the main idea of ​​Hindu philosophy, we must comprehend the highest universal principle and get rid of the chains of Maya by renouncing various temptations. And this is how we can get out of the endless cycle of samsara – a series of births and deaths in the worlds limited by karma. Leaving samsara, we liberate our soul. And then all the illusions that haunted us in various incarnations evaporate.

How to get rid of illusions

Essentially Human Design teaches us to get rid of samsara. Of course, not in a global sense, but nonetheless. You are used to living in illusions about yourself. Being conditioned and exposed to external influences, we build ourselves a false idea about ourselves, our nature, our vulnerabilities and talents. And we live in this illusion, not even knowing about its existence. And then at some point we learn about Human Design. We calculate our Bodygraph and immerse ourselves in the study of our true nature. We learn a lot of new information about ourselves. And if we restrict ourselves to only theory, most likely it will become another illusion for us. But if we start experimenting with this information, putting it into practice, then Design will in many ways become a way for us to get rid of maya.

Knowing our true selves, we no longer need to build an illusion. There is no need to endow yourself with those qualities that actually do not exist. Or try to suppress in yourself what seems unacceptable, unacceptable, immodest, etc.

Living our Design, we do not need theories about what we should be. Because we become who we really are. And this is the practical benefit of Human Design. It means that we get a chance to get rid of the illusions that our Mind builds up and follow the path that Strategy and Authority will show us.

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