Reflector has a special kind of Inner Authority. In this he is not at all like all other Types. However, as in many other issues. What is the essence of Lunar Authority? The fact is that before making any decision, the Reflector must wait a full lunar cycle. And yes, by and large, such an Authority is not Internal, because in this case a person is guided not by his feelings, but by the laws of the moon.

Let’s try to figure out exactly how this happens.

Lunar cycle: what is it and how can Reflector track it?

To begin with, the lunar cycle is approximately 28.5 days. During this time, the Moon manages to visit all 64 Gates of the Bodygraph. And this suggests that the Reflector, in parallel with this process, acquires 64 different characteristics. Thus, in about 28 days, this Type tries on completely different roles. And until he experiences the full range of sensations, the decision will never come to him. So you have to wait in any case. Otherwise, the decision will be forced and, as a result, incorrect.

Day after day, the Reflector collects inside itself, as if, different pieces of one puzzle, which should be formed in relation to an important decision. This is its uniqueness. For other Types with internal Authority, everything is much simpler.

In order for the Reflector to make decisions, first you need to be initiated by life. He cannot come up with or create a situation on his own. They can offer him something, tell him, invite him somewhere, etc. Something has to happen. The Reflector, this amazing rare Type, comes into this world in order to be soft, pliable and airy, such as is worn on the hands. That is why in life he can receive a huge number of proposals.

When the offer is received, the Lunar Cycle begins. And, indeed, it is very important for the Reflector to give himself that time. In order to naturally see and gain at least some inner understanding of the current situation and understand what is the point of all this. And only after that give your consent or refusal. And more often than not, to be honest, while this very Lunar Cycle passes, many decisions come to the Reflector by themselves. Without his active participation.

The most important thing is that the Reflector does not worry about the fact that someone may not wait for him. And even more so, he did not have a complex because of his slowness and external indecision. This is its nature. If the proposal is really correct for him, then the Reflector himself will feel that he needs to agree, and those from whom the proposal was received will certainly wait for his final decision.

What about the Reflector every day during the Lunar cycle? Of course, everything is always unpredictable here. And it depends on the current transits. What they are, this will be the decision. At times, the Reflector can oscillate like a person with emotional Authority. And sometimes, to decide sharply and boldly.

So here’s a piece of advice, dear Reflectors: try not to cling to anything. The only support in your life is the Moon Cycle, which you can observe. Trust him. And thus, make the most important decisions for yourself, which will lead to endless surprise!

Lunar Authority

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