Each person has his own definition of love, feels and experiences it in different ways. For some it is inspiration and romance, rebirth to a new life, while for another it is a relocation to the world of suffering and despair, for the third it is just a physiological process that does not affect the soul. There are 10 Love Gates in Human Design. There are as many topics, points of view and emotional experiences as there are on Earth. Even in the strongest union, one of the lovers always believes that he is investing more in the relationship than his partner. We are all different, and each of us has our own Design, with its own specific or, on the contrary, open, Centers, Channels and Gates, which endow us with a unique perception of the world and attitude to the surrounding reality.

An accurate understanding of the causes of various emotions, experiences and feelings in our Mind allows us to slightly lift the veil of mystery and perceive love as it really is, without dramas and tragedies. For example, loved ones always reproach a person with the Cross of the Vessel of Love for being cold towards them, although they feel his loving nature. However, his love is not specific, which greatly hurts the interested party, who finds it difficult to realize that someone can love a tree or a flower as much as another person.

So there are ten Gates of Love in our Bodygraph, which are divided into the gates of personal and transpersonal love. The only exceptions are Gate 10, they are dual and generate both unearthly (impersonal) love and worldly (personal) love. Each of these ten gates is at the same time the gate of hatred, thanks to which we can divide our emotions into two opposite states – “I love” and “I hate.”

Gate of unearthly love

Consider the four Gates responsible for antiworldly love:

10 Gate of Self Behavior is love for oneself, one’s presence in this world, life and death in it. And at the same time, it is the gateway to hatred for the same world.

25 Gate of Self Spirit gives us universal unconditional love. Just do not be confused – this is love not for the universe, but in the universe. A person with these gates can love his own thing (car, guitar, collection) more than his wife and children. It’s just that he is like that and his attitude is impersonal, but if he wants to love someone in particular, or if he is required to show feelings, then the relationship can completely freeze.

15 Gate of Extremity allows you to experience love for all humanity, and an all-consuming hatred for those who destroy and kill this world. On a personal level, people with 15 gates in the Bodygraph don’t care who they love. That is, they cannot love a specific person, they love their very love. Looking at a potential partner, they wonder if he is worthy of my love? And if the object is recognized as suitable, then love begins.

46 Gate of Self-Determination is love and hate for forms (body). These gates can overtake strong fears and eerie complexes in your mind. Only with the adoption of your own forms can you learn to love your body and the bodies of other people. Throw away hatred for your own and other people’s physical disabilities. Your love will move to a higher, one might say, spiritual level, and your soul will receive the necessary experience on the physical plane.

Love Gates in Human Design

The Gate of earthly love

Such gates generate Love for another individual, which is simpler and more understandable for universal human morality. The experiences brought about by worldly feelings are always felt brighter and more intense than those caused by non-personal, abstract Love.

Love Gates in Human Design

10 Gate of Self Behavior (simple activation) is true love of life. At its best, it is also self-love, regardless of external evaluations. Usually such people just need to have someone who loves them, thereby increasing their self-esteem: “Since they love me, then there is something worthwhile in me, and therefore I can love myself.” If no one loves them, they fall into a severe depression with the main leitmotif: “Well, love me, at least someone.”

44 Gate of Vigilance is a love of talent and recognition. The bearer of this gate loves you for making your union a success. This is always a priority for him. In the false “I”, such people slide down to ascribing all the merit to themselves: “Our success is my merit.” If the partner does not justify his hopes, then the ruthless one is banished from life. Such categorical actions are pushed by the fear of the past – “this is how worldly glory passes.”

40 Gate of Loneliness is an almost altruistic love of working for the good of a partner. Such people work a lot to get resources, and they do it not out of a desire to work, but under the pressure of their own willpower. They need material goods in order to exchange them for the care and affection of their partner, especially if that 37 gates are defined. In the voice acting of the false “I” it sounds something like this: “I do everything for you, I have earned your love, now you simply have to love me”, in a larger version: “Look, here is my contribution to this world, now respect, love me, be proud of me. ”

58 Gate of Vitality is corrective love. It is constant pressure to criticize in order to improve your partner. In the presence of tact, these are correct hints and timely correction. For example, “Honey, you are beautiful, but you could become even more beautiful, come on, I will tell you how.” This is not a prodding, but a form of love when the best is not perceived as the enemy of the good. When the power takes the false “I”, the desire to improve can transform into a dictate: “You must act as I say, because it will be better and more correct”, “Stop smoking, do not wear a short skirt, do not paint, I consider it indecent” …

41 Gate of Compression is desire, this is sex, but it is also anxiety that you cannot experience in real life, but you really want to. In normal manifestation, a person’s fantasies are realized through romantic adventures, erotic literature, sexual experiments, and dreams of someone and something else. At the apogee, fantasies replace the real world, the partner never reaches the ideal, and life turns into an eternal race for a pipe dream.

28 Player’s Gate is the birth of purpose and fear of losing the purpose and meaning of life. The chosen one must definitely inspire and endow with a goal. This is a voice that says: “I love you, because you make me aware and lead me, without you I have no purpose, no sense.” The trouble with such people is that they are looking for a physical goal and suffer when the mind loses it or gets stuck on the road to it. Relationships for them often turn into a long-running race without a finish. They need a goal – a state, and they need to move towards it not through the mind, but with the heart in accordance with their inner motives. Then there will be a clear sensation of the fulfillment of your destiny.

55 Spirit Gate is the only love gate located in the emotional center. Moreover, they never give clear answers, but only give rise to a lot of emotional questions: “We have been together for 10 years, but I don’t know if you love me, what if you hate me? I don’t know. Are you pretending? ” And that’s okay for this gate. This is a striving for sublime, poetic love, those passions and feelings that are akin to art. 55 The gate is always in anticipation of something that can never be achieved.

When a person knows what to expect from his partner, what topics are close to him, and why he himself reacts to everything that happens in a certain way, it becomes much easier to come to a reasonable compromise and not bang each other’s nerves. The Human Design System, just the same, provides such an opportunity – to better understand yourself and your loved ones.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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