Today we will talk about Lines Human Design. They are the ones that determine how Gates present in our Bodygraph will manifest in everyday reality. They also shape our Profile. And Profile is the role we play in everyday life. Metaphorically speaking, Lines and Profile set a certain tone to our game. After all, in one way or another our whole life is a theatrical game.

Our lives are full of metaphors and analogies. And this applies not only to the metaphoricity of our behavior, but also to other things. So the laws that work in physics can be transferred to the domestic sphere and find that they have a place here as well. For example, the law of attraction. It works not only with physical objects, but also in ordinary human life. The more we think about some negative events, the more likely it is that sooner or later we will attract them into our lives.

Lines Human Design

Now let’s look at the hexagram from a mundane perspective and draw metaphorical analogies.

The hexagram and professionalism

Here we are moving from the bottom up: from the first Line to the sixth.

First Line.
What is its main essence? Having the first line in our Bodygraph, we get acquainted with some area of knowledge and begin to study it, sinking into this process completely. We study every feature and nuance of the subject we are interested in. But we are not sure of anything. But as we research, we become aware and authoritarian.

Second Line.
Here we see a fanatical study of our chosen field. And now we are attracted only to some narrow field of study. For example, not just astrology, but specifically relationship astrology. And we begin to willingly move in that direction, fending off barriers from those who can’t understand why we need it.

Third Line.
Here we see constant trial and error. They are unavoidable. Here we begin to work fully, for the third line is related to material processes, and we discover how many things in this world do not work or work according to incorrect schemes. Then we put forward our own theories, refuting or confirming them. We actively interact with other people, making acquaintances or getting out of them. We look for our own people.

Fourth line.
These are like-minded people. These are the people we go along with. We influence them with our reflections, our discoveries, our research, our gift and authority.
Through them we make useful new connections, and they actively support us in this, bringing a lot of new opportunities into our lives.

Fifth Line.
We are already so good at what we do that we can go public. We’re ready to talk about our achievements and what interests us. We talk passionately and knowledgeably about what matters to us, essentially promoting what we do. We are so good at what we do that we can explain complex things on our fingers and make them understandable even to a child. Here we are dealing with universalization.

Sixth Line.
This is the pinnacle of professionalism. Now we are the Role Model, the person who is set as an example to others. And this is where we come to the First Line again. We become Authoritative in our business, entering a new round of the spiral.

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