In addition to knowing about your own Type and Profile, in addition to understanding the mechanics of Gates and Channels, in addition to the PHS sections, there is another fundamental component of Human Design. Left Mind and Right Mind is something that lies very deeply in the Bodygraph, but nevertheless, some human-design analysts believe that this should be studied as early as possible. This indicator determines how your Mind will perceive information, what it strives for, and what it should be motivated by in the first place.

You can find out which type of Mind you belong to by looking at your Bodygraph . We are interested in the upper right arrow located on the map in the head area. The direction of the arrow directly indicates the type of Mind. Turned to the left – it means Left Mind, if to the right – then Right.

Left Mind

The main priority for people with Left Mind is their own survival. But don’t take this word too literally. This refers not only to the question of life and death in general, but also the quality of being. The Left Mind is attuned to thinking about how to avoid potential danger and at the same time create the most favorable conditions for its owner. He is not much concerned with detached reflections on the eternal, the meaning of life and other fantasies. Only specific goals and objectives of the material world.

Left Mind is logical, strategic. He prefers to work according to a strictly verified system and does not like to act at random, improvise. Rather, he does not do it very efficiently. It works much faster according to pre-verified algorithms. Therefore, it is better for people with Left Mind to plan their activities. The more detailed, the better. However, planning what cannot be planned is also not worth it. You need to plan based on your Strategy  and  Authority .

Left Mind Human Design

Another feature of the Left Mind is selfishness. He doesn’t care much about other people, just his own owner. Therefore, he has some kind of natural greed for everything, especially for money. Plus, he’s pretty cunning. The owner of the Left Mind is more important to take care of himself and his family, instead of playing Robin Hood, the savior of the suffering. A person with a Left Mind does not really trust strangers, he always keeps on his guard with them. At the same time, evaluates others on the basis of whether they will be useful or not. The Left Mind is calculating, rarely spending energy on maintaining contacts with “useless” people.

Holders of the Left Mind are not very good at remembering information. Although it would be more correct to say that they do it in their own way. Their Mind “weeds out” everything unnecessary, trying to remember only what can really be useful in practice. That is, he is focused on assimilating information for specific purposes. But the memorization process itself is rather slow. Holders of the Left Mind need to explain things in as much detail as possible, along the way answering all their questions. It is important to properly structure the information and present it in stages. Their Minds are not very good at handling “chaotic” storytelling.

It is important for people with a Left Mind to use their own characteristics. When studying something – do it sequentially, according to the plan. It is desirable, in as much detail as possible, until there is a solid sense of clarity regarding the issue of interest. You cannot be sprayed on abstract concerns – otherwise it will reduce the effectiveness of memorizing important things.

At times, people with a Left Mind can forget about their main priority – survival, and be distracted by extraneous topics. In particular, on the thought of something detached from the material world, to seek happiness there. This is extremely incorrect for them. In this case, the “symptoms” of the False “I” will appear, expressed in the form of a decrease in the quality of life and the appearance of internal conflicts against its background. Therefore, it is important to follow your Strategy and Authority and notice in time the “distractions” of your Mind on extraneous topics.

Right Mind

For people with the Right Mind, there is no specific goal in life. They simply perceive everything that happens to them, humbly drifting with the flow of fate. It is not so much the material component of life that is important here, but its depth. That is, it does not matter whether the owner of the Right Mind is rich or not – completely different things affect his happiness. For example, feelings and emotions, the ability to stay in your own world of dreams and fantasies.

The Right Mind is receptive, indiscriminate. He saves memories not according to the principle of their importance / value, but focusing on his own, sometimes incomprehensible even to himself, completely illogical motives. People with the Right Mind memorize everything, without even thinking about why they are doing it. Having once heard something interesting for themselves, after dozens of years they can “fish out” this knowledge from the halls of their Mind, completely not understanding how and why they remembered it.

Right Mind Human Design

People with the Right Mind have an altruistic quality. They are like encyclopedias, containing many secrets, but without realizing it until the right moment. And the right moment arises when they are addressed. Then, in the depths of the Right Mind, vigorous activity begins, and he will turn over all his memories, hoping to help another person. This is the purpose of the owners of this type of Mind – they accumulate knowledge only in order to support someone at the right moment.

An interesting way to remember information from the Right Mind. He, for the most part, doesn’t need to go too deep into anything. You just need to master the basic concepts, and everything else will be understood by itself. On the other hand, problems arise when the owners of the Right Mind begin to study something using some methods and strategies. Systematic learning causes them boredom and significantly complicates the perception of information.

The Right Mind is chaotic, it works according to one God-known principle. There is no logic or rationalism in it. He prefers to remember only what is interesting to him in one way or another. Therefore, people with the Right Mind are very limited when it comes to choosing a professional activity. If they have no interest in the chosen business, then they are unlikely to be able to stay in it for a long time. But even if they delay, they will experience constant stress from the fact that they will have to literally “force” their Mind to assimilate new information.

Sometimes there come times when the owners of the Right Mind begin to ignore their interests and try to apply a “strategic approach” in their lives. That is, instead of simply allowing themselves to memorize and assimilate information as it suits them, they try to literally “stuff” their Mind with knowledge, using techniques invented by someone. But that won’t get you anywhere. Or rather, nothing good. If a person has the Right Mind, then the only thing that remains for him is to come to terms with this fact. He should be self-taught in the way that suits him, applying his Strategy and Authority, but limiting the use of “logic circuits”.

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