Today it is very fashionable to achieve goals. Even the most global From the series: create a business, buy a house on the ocean or make the world a better place. Many coaches and even classical psychologists argue that if a person does not want to achieve something grand, then something is wrong with him: he is mentally immature, has unresolved psychological traumas, or is going through an existential crisis – there are many explanations for this topic. Today’s coaches offer a bunch of life-changing tools. Everyone uses their proven methods of “transforming” a person and improving the quality of his life. And everyone claims that it is his methods that work one hundred percent.

Be the best version of yourself! – these are the calls we often see in advertisements for a new “superpower” course.

And for some reason, at such moments, it does not occur to us that the best version of us is ourselves. That if one of us does not set global goals for himself and is used to being content with little, this does not mean that something is wrong with him. After all, even without the latest Maserati model, without traveling in a private jet, without building a super cool career and not earning millions, a person can be absolutely satisfied with his life. And to be often much happier than those who have achieved everything they wanted, and simply don’t know what to do with all this “wealth”.

The richest person is not the one who has made a fortune and easily achieves his goals. And the one who knows how to appreciate what he has and does not set goals that, in fact, are not correct for him.

And yet, let’s think about it: why do some of us want something global, and some don’t? Why does someone, in order to be completely happy, definitely need to buy a huge house, preferably somewhere in a hot exotic country, while someone lives quite calmly in a one-room apartment and at the same time feels absolutely comfortable? Why do some of us easily get promoted, while some of us do the same thing all our lives and don’t even think about building a chic career?

All these questions are answered by the modern doctrine of Human Design. He was first heard about in 1987. And for almost thirty-five years now, people have been actively using this valuable knowledge in their lives.

According to Human Design, each of us comes into this world with a unique set of talents and vulnerabilities. In particular, we all consist of nine energy centers, which, depending on the characteristics of our Bodygraph, may be definite or indefinite.

The so-called Ego Center is responsible for the ability to achieve one’s own goals, as well as determination and willpower.

The ability to set global goals by the example of Ego Center

The owners of open Ego Center, as a rule, are endowed with a good sense of purpose. They easily achieve their goals and show maximum efficiency. Of course, provided that they correctly live their Design, following the Strategy and Authority.

But the owners of open Ego Center, on the contrary, setting themselves this or that goal, can get very lost and not know what to do. The fact is that the energy of uncertainty is our teacher. It is with its help that we learn something new, draw important conclusions, gain life wisdom. But at the same time, sometimes we can feel extremely insecure.

If you do not know if your Ego Center is defined, follow the link and calculate your Bodygraph.

Set global goals

Certainty is something that is given to us by nature. That with which we came into this world and with the help of which we can maximize our potential.

Thus, people with open Ego Center are much more inclined to set themselves global goals. Since they are endowed with a natural sense of purpose, it is absolutely natural for them to want and achieve something global. However, this does not mean that they should set only ambitious goals. Of course, among the carriers of open Ego Center there are many people who are able to be content with little. This means that they will show their effectiveness not on a global scale, but exactly as they see fit.

For example, the bearer of open Ego Center wants to master the profession of a web designer. And if this is his true desire, most likely, he will bring it to life without any problems. And then he can either stop there, or set himself some more global goal – for example: to create his own design studio.

But if the bearer of open Ego Center desires something like this and at the same time he adheres to the traditional methods of pumping personal effectiveness (planning, time management, etc.), most likely, he will face a lot of difficulties on his way. Why? Because, in achieving this or that goal and putting into practice, even the most global plans, he needs to act in a native way: without making strategic miscalculations, but concentrating more on actions.

All that the bearer of defined Ego Center has to do is to trust his own life and allow it to behave in the most correct and safe way.

And if he does not want to achieve something global – well, then he does not need it now. Being content with little is a very important skill. And the carriers of open Ego Center can achieve true mastery in this matter. But for this they need to learn to trust their own lives, not relying on ideals imposed from outside and following the Strategy and Authority. After all, it is these two tools that will tell him which goals are correct for him and which are not.

As for people with defined Ego Center: as a rule, traditional methods of translating what they want into life (miscalculations, visualization, etc.) are suitable for them. Moreover, such people themselves can train others to achieve goals, increase personal effectiveness and set themselves true, rather than socially imposed, tasks for life.

And yet, even such people may well be content with small goals and not want something global. After all, only the Inner Authority knows what we really need. And if our life demands are modest, there is nothing to worry about. And even more so, this is not a reason to remake ourselves and trust the Mind to make an important choice for us.

Therefore, listen to yourself and do not try to go beyond your true desires. You will be surprised how easily everything will be given to you if you bring to life only what you need, and not someone else.

By studying your Design and the features of your Bodygraph, you will be able to realize one very important goal: learn to listen and hear yourself, trust life, not try to resist what is happening to you, and, as far as possible, free your subconscious from stereotypes and established patterns. , following which, we are further and further away from our true nature.

If you have just started getting to know your true self, believe me, you still have a lot of interesting discoveries to make. Human Design helps not only to get to know yourself better, but also to learn to better understand your relatives, friends and colleagues and, if necessary, learn to look at the world through their eyes.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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