Today we’re going to talk about initiation Human Design. What is it and how does it work? And most importantly: who can and who cannot initiate and why? In ordinary life, we used to think that initiation is as natural a part of our everyday life as brushing our teeth in the morning. We all initiate something in one way or another. Getting a job, ordering a pizza, cooking dinner, cleaning the apartment… We can’t do any of these things without initiation.

For ordinary people, not initiating means not living.

But for those who are immersed in the Human Design, not initiating means being in the flow of life and moving smoothly in it.

Not to initiate means not to invent for yourself a busyness, a direction, and simply problems where there are none.

When we are in melancholy, and this happens to almost everyone, the Mind starts to worry and tries to entertain us in some way. That is, Mind begins to initiate. However, for some mysterious reason we become more cheerful. On the contrary, sadness and melancholy increase, and sometimes even lead to depression. We begin to feel that there is something wrong with us, although in reality there is nothing wrong with melancholy. It’s a completely natural part of our nature to do something about it absolutely nothing.

When Generator gets stuck, his Mind worries that there is no energy or it is too sluggish and again initiates some activity. In good faith, of course. You can’t just lie on the couch. What does all this lead to? As a rule, even more exhaustion and a lack of desire to do anything. That is, initiation only gets worse.

When all anyone ever talks about is the magic of waiting and not initiating, you begin to think that it means staying motionless until something miraculous happens to you. And what exactly that miraculous thing should look like, Mind will certainly tell you and show you.

But Initiation is not only an action, but also a certain state of mind. When Life calls you to move, when there is a Response to a case or person, when there is an Invitation or Information. In this case Initiation looks like a dam in the middle of the river, interfering with the naturalness of its flow, disturbing its ecosystem and aesthetics.

Initiation Human Design

And to see if you are again caught in the net of Mind’s fantasies and arguments, orient yourself to the Signature of your Type. It’s that state that will tell you if you’re moving in the right direction and if you should loosen your grip a bit.

The flavor of Anger, Frustration, Bitterness or Disappointment will tell you with the accuracy of litmus paper whether Initiation is present in your actions. And most importantly, you can’t confuse these feelings with anything else.

But if you Feel Peace, Satisfaction, Success or Amazement, just move after that feeling to stay with it as long as possible. These feelings can’t be confused with anything else, either. And if you’re experiencing them, it’s definitely an indication that you’re doing everything right and your Mind has finally returned to a state of peace and stopped initiating things that you don’t need at all.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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