Today it is very fashionable to work on oneself: to improve one’s appearance, intellectual data, to reveal hidden talents in oneself and to pump up personal efficiency. Some coaches even help their mentees increase their IQ. And on closer inspection, it all looks pretty attractive. We are fired up with the idea to improve something in ourselves and thereby make significant changes in our own life. 

But let’s think: what are we doing all this for? Do we really believe that if we change something in ourselves, it will affect the quality of your life? On the one hand, there is a reasonable grain in such a position. But on the other hand, Human Design teaches us to be ourselves. And here is one of the main foundations of this knowledge: there is no point in remaking something in yourself. In particular, if someone begins to improve intellectual abilities, most likely this will only give a temporary result, or rather, the illusion of a result.

Does this mean that we should not take care of ourselves and study new, unusual topics for ourselves. Of course not! It is worth it and how! But this must be done exclusively in accordance with its nature. 

In this article, we will look at this issue from the point of view of Crown and Ajna Center. After all, they are technically the ones that respond to our intellectual abilities.

Intelligence on the example of Crown and Ajna Center

To begin with, let’s find out what is the main feature of the carriers of defined Crown and Ajna Centers. This is what sets these people apart in the first place: they have a fixed mental energy and a very specific way of thinking. They perceive and process information entering the brain in a certain way. As a rule, they are firm and confident in their point of view. And it is not difficult for them to convince others that they are right. Sometimes they can say just a couple of sentences and radically change the usual opinion of others.

In a word, people with defined Crown and Ajna Center have the gift of persuasion and have a fixed range of intellectual interests. This is why they can often come across as highly intelligent and knowledgeable individuals. And what is most interesting, such people intellectually feel much more confident than the carriers of open Crown and Ajna Centers. The latter, on the other hand, are often not sure of their intellectual abilities and are even embarrassed to express their opinion on a particular issue.  

However, this does not mean at all that their IQ level is lower than that of carriers of defined Crown and Ajna Centers.

How can such people feel more confident? To begin with, learn to enjoy your mental impermanence and the versatility of your thinking. It is these qualities that will help them become truly wise people over time. Indeed, in fact, they can study absolutely any topic, ask themselves a variety of questions. And even if it is sometimes difficult for them to reach depth in a particular area, this does not mean that their intellectual abilities are in some way inferior to the abilities of the owners of defined Crown and Ajna Centers.

Improve intellectual abilities

Our open Centers, on the one hand, carry the energy of vulnerability. But on the other hand, they provide us with a lot of opportunities for experiments and discoveries. So why not use all of this to your advantage?

If you still do not know whether you have defined Crown and Ajna Center, follow the link and get your Bodygraph. So you can start the path to your true nature and begin to live it as brightly and fully as possible.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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