One of the most urgent problems in the modern world is such a psychological phenomenon as self-esteem with all its consequences. Any blogger-psychologist managed to write at least a couple of lines on this topic. Everyone has their own “unique” vision of where self-esteem comes from, how it is formed, and what factors influence it. In this article, we will explore this topic through the prism of the Human Design system, which offers a new and unusual perspective on the nature of self-esteem.

First, let’s define the concept of self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the significance that a person gives himself as a whole and certain aspects of his personality, activity, behavior. 

Usually self-assessment is divided into two main types: general and private. General self-esteem characterizes how a person as a whole relates to himself as a person. Private self-esteem is a person’s attitude to individual aspects of his nature (appearance, character, professionalism, etc.).

As a rule, self-esteem is formed in early childhood and is influenced by many external factors.

Here are the main ones:

  1. Parents’ opinion;
  2. Home education style;
  3. Teacher grades;
  4. Perception of a person by classmates and peers;
  5. Negative life experience.

It is through these phenomena that self-esteem is usually interpreted in traditional psychological disciplines. The Human Design system has a slightly different view on this issue.

Self-esteem and inner confidence on the example of Ego Center

According to Human Design, each of us is made up of nine energy centers. In particular, the so-called Ego Center is responsible for self-esteem and self-confidence. Like all other energy centers, it may or may not be defined. If your Ego Center is defined in your Bodygraph, then you naturally have an adequate and stable self-esteem. You are self-confident, productive, always set new goals for yourself and achieve them with ease.

If your Ego Center is not defined, this indicates that you are very vulnerable in matters of self-esteem. Sometimes it may seem to you that compared to those around you, you are not beautiful enough, efficient, productive, talented, etc. In a word, you often consider yourself worse than others. You are a priori inclined to compare yourself with other people, and sometimes even strive to be similar to them in some way. And all this is reflected in your self-esteem in a very unfavorable way.

Not sure if your Bodygraph has Ego Center defined? Follow the link and get your chart right now.

So, if your Ego Center is not defined, this article will definitely be useful to you. Here we will give recommendations on how to stop considering yourself inferior to others.

How can owners of open Ego Center stop considering themselves worse than others

First of all, in order to pump up your self-esteem and learn to treat yourself as adequately as possible, appreciating your advantages and working on your shortcomings, you need to ignore the advantages and achievements of other people as much as possible and stop comparing yourself with them. How to do it?

considering yourself worse than others

Try to identify the parameters by which you usually compare yourself with other people. For example, you can compete at work with colleagues in terms of the effectiveness of certain tasks. Or trying to outdo your friends in style or appearance.

The parameters by which you compare yourself to other people are your most vulnerable spots and those aspects of your personality in which you feel most insecure. So, it is on these parameters that you should work properly.

If you are trying to look as beautiful and spectacular as your colleagues at work, try to abstract as much as possible from their external data, manner of dressing and appearance, and develop your own unique style. Do not focus on trends, trends, fashion, etc. Come up with something of your own – something that will distinguish you from everyone else. Trust Strategy and Authority. These two tools are given to you so that you can live your Design as correctly and fully as possible.

The second thing you can do to stop considering yourself inferior to others is to start genuinely admiring the people around you. Do not try to compete with them or reach their bar, namely to admire, without taking into account your own data and achievements. Praise your loved ones and colleagues, focus on their virtues and talents. Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart.

And finally, the third thing you need to do in order to start treating yourself adequately and appreciating yourself as a person is to follow Strategy and Authority, which will help you learn to make the most correct decisions, stop fighting with your own nature and try to remake and improve yourself.

If you liked the article and found something useful in it, continue to study your Bodygraph and make amazing discoveries for yourself. Knowing your nature will make it much easier to overcome life’s difficulties and get the most out of any incomprehensible situation.

Appreciate yourself and your uniqueness. Be yourself, don’t look at others!

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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