How to choose partner by Human Design? Human Design encourages us to be ourselves. Live our nature correctly. Get rid of stereotypes that have long become an integral part of our reality. It also helps us discover hidden talents and strengths that we never knew existed. In addition to all this, in Human Design there is such an important section as compatibility, thanks to which partners in a love union can look at their relationship from an unusual angle and begin to re-discover the potential of their couple. But what about those who don’t have a partner yet? Those who are in search of their soul mate? Can Human Design help you attract someone you will go hand in hand with into your life?

Let’s say a person knows his Bodygraph well, studied his strengths and weaknesses, knows about his vulnerabilities and talents, has an idea of ​​what Strategy and Authority are. Can all this information help him in finding a soul mate? And if so, how?

Does the Bodygraph help when choosing a partner

This is not an easy question and it is quite difficult to answer it unequivocally. One thing is clear: if a person is in tune with his nature, lives in harmony with himself and knows the basics of his Design, it is much easier for him to interact with other people. This means that finding a partner for him will not be difficult. Following the Strategy and Authority, we gladly surrender to our own life, accept everything that happens in it. And in particular: we are happy to let new people into it.

Choose partner by Human Design

There is another important point: accepting ourselves as we are, we easily accept other people, without trying to remake them. And if someone comes into our life who can potentially become our partner, we do not try to immediately remake this person, impose our views on him, force him to live according to our scenario, etc. On the contrary, we study a new person with interest, observe that how he behaves, we are interested in his opinion on certain issues. And if he behaves in an unusual way for us, this does not cause us either irritation or aggression. Only a lively interest. But that’s not all.

Being yourself is great. Understanding the basics of your Design is great too. But is it possible at the same time to understand what your ideal partner should be? Here the answer is unequivocal: no. Information about what our potential partner should be will not help us in any way. Do you know why? Because our Mind dictates it. The mind believes that we need a partner with such and such qualities and such and such a Bodygraph. It’s just like in ordinary life. Where have heard something about Human Design, but never experimented with it. It often happens that we ourselves decide what kind of partner we need. Smart, handsome, noble, with certain external data, and it is also desirable that without bad habits. This is also the opinion of our Mind. It’s the same here, only the Bodygraph is added to all this. That makes all the difference.

Thus, if you want to find a partner with the help of Design, you will certainly do it. But not with the help of Mind. And with the help of Strategy and Authority. Living your nature and surrendering to life. This is the only correct way to enter into a new relationship.

If you are Generator, respond. If Projector, wait. If Manifestor, act, but do not forget to inform others. If Reflector, expect a full Lunar cycle and only then  take an important decisions. And you will be happy.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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