Do you know what the main mistake people make when they get to know their Design? They begin to hide behind it, justify their actions and deeds with them, take pride in it as some incredible achievement, accept this knowledge as the only true one and use it to make important life decisions. Do you remember that no theory should dominate your life? That our knowledge of the world is just an auxiliary material that makes our life more rich and interesting. And yes, Human Design is a pretty fun and interesting theory. It can captivate inquisitive minds. However living your Design at the level of theory is not correct at all.

Here’s how it can happen: you study your Bodygraph, go online for a few weeks and absorb new information. You see yourself from a new side, you learn something new about yourself. And that’s great. In itself, the process of knowing your nature, your talents and vulnerabilities is incredibly beautiful. But do not think that everything should be limited to them.

Let’s say you figured out that you are a Generator. How should a Generator live? Listen to your body and respond to what life has to offer. The generator does not have to initiate its own existence. And all this knowledge can make you completely relinquish responsibility for your own decisions. So you say, “I am not initiating anything else. I just sit at home and wait for some interesting offer to come. ” However, if you sit in your sink all the time and do nothing, then you will not receive any offers. And if you have already responded to something, you should not forget that it was you who made such a decision. Let it be at the level of your body, but still the response came from your lips. Are you saying yes or no. And you are responsible for your own life.

Why experimenting is so important

Perhaps the second most important principle in Human Design is Experiment. Try to be an experimenter. No theory can provide you with practical knowledge and sensations that come to you solely from life experience. What does it mean to follow your Strategy and Authority? For the Generator it means to respond. But how exactly your body will send you this very response – signals that will tell you how best to act in a given situation, only you know. For some, the response is a sensation in the stomach, for others – sounds, for others – a slight tremor in the legs or a rapid heartbeat. Start living your nature playfully. Trust the Universe, but do not forget to listen to yourself and to your feelings.

Living your Design

Or, say, if you are a Projector, you should wait for an invitation from the outside world. But in what form you will receive an invitation, no one knows. You can check that the invitation is for you only in practice. What words, gestures, looks, etc. will they be? What exactly will the person who will invite you to somewhere tell you and how will he behave at the same time? The answers to these questions will come to you in the process of life. So once again: experiment and trust yourself. And life will do the rest for you.

Now let’s talk about the various aspects of your Design. The Channels and Centers present in your Bodygraph, again, by themselves, do not say anything yet. When you find out what set of Channels you have, this is a kind of marker for you – what you need to pay attention to. This knowledge is given to you simply as a guide and inspires you to look at yourself in a new way. But how exactly you should apply your talents, you can only learn by experimenting with your own life.

As a matter of fact, the main thing that Design calls for is the ability to surrender to Strategy and Authority and, as a result, your own life. This means that at some moments you should be inactive. But you simply cannot do this indefinitely. Therefore, never be afraid of the new. You are not afraid of the Human Design system. This means that you should not be afraid of experiments.

A full decoding of your chart in pdf format is available here.

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