Let’s imagine that fate brought Generator and Projector together. How will the relationship between these two Types develop? What will be the features of their interaction? What obstacles might stand in their way? And in what issues they are most likely to be able to achieve harmony and mutual understanding. We will talk about all this in this article.

I would like to note right away that in Human Design there are no successful or unsuccessful compatibility between different Types. Absolutely all Types have a chance to build harmonious relationships. However, a pair of Projector and Generator a priori has good potential for creating a strong alliance. These two Types have a lot to teach each other. And there is something to share with each other. But this is precisely the key to harmonious and lasting relationships.

Generator and Projector

Generator in such a union will invariably be a source of energy and vital activity. While the Projector, being a non-energy Type, will be charged from its partner and direct its energy in the correct direction. Giving advice and asking unexpected questions is the main purpose of the Projector. And this is exactly what Generator sometimes lacks.

But of course, there are some difficulties here. After all, Generator and Projector have a completely different Strategy. This means that from time to time they may not understand each other. But this is not a reason to destroy the relationship and give up the beauty that could have been.

Generator and Projector: potential

In order to determine what are the advantages of the relationship between the Generator and the Projector, let us first recall their Strategies.

Generator Strategy: Respond to Life.

And what are the main distinguishing features of this Type, provided that it lives its nature in the correct way?

Here are some of them:

  1. operability
  2. energy
  3. diligence
  4. stubbornness
  5. activity
  6. creativity

Projector Strategy: wait for an invitation.

What features should be characteristic of this Type, provided that it follows its Strategy?

For example, these are:

  1. unhurriedness
  2. focus
  3. attentiveness
  4. insight
  5. concentration
  6. wisdom
  7. solidarity
  8. ability to give wise advice

Now let’s imagine how people with the above traits could interact with each other in everyday life.

On the one hand, an active and energetic Generator, which cannot do nothing. On the other hand, a slow and wise Projector, which must always wait for an invitation. It would seem that these are such different personalities. But in reality they can be very useful to each other.

As you know, the Projector has a focused and concentrated Aura. He focuses on the G Generator Center – the place where the Magnetic Monopole lives. Thus, by focusing on the Center J, the Projector can see the direction in which the Generator should move.

He may ask a question that the Generator does not expect to hear and thus open his eyes to something that he did not even know about. However, it is very important that the Generator is prepared for the questions of its Projector partner. It is advisable that he directly turn to him for help, ask for advice – in other words, invite the Projector to a certain action. Only in this case can the Projector’s advice radically change the life of its Generator partner.

In turn, the Generator will be even more filled with energy from the competent leadership of its partner. And he will be active in a couple. And the Projector will only get better from this. After all, he so needs the energy of his half.

Generator and Projector: difficulties

Of course, the relationship between a Generator and a Projector can hardly be avoided. And in what situations can something go wrong in the relationship between them? First of all, such situations will be associated with the fact that some of the partners do not follow their Strategy.

For example, the Projector, without waiting for an invitation, will begin to give advice to its beloved. In this case, he is likely to meet negative and even aggression. After all, which of us likes unsolicited advice?

Or, for example, the Generator will be too active without waiting for a response. And interestingly, the advice of a Projector partner can stimulate the response. Therefore, the Generator needs not only to respond, but also to be sensitive to his beloved. One word of his can open his eyes to something important. Show him a new direction. Turn his whole life upside down.

There is another potential difficulty in the relationship between Generator and Projector. And it lies in the fact that there is no one to initiate in such a pair. The Projector has to wait and the Generator listens for the Inner Response. This is why at times the beloved can give the impression that their life is a little sluggish and that they are not achieving what they could achieve. However, this can be avoided if everyone follows their Strategy and respects the nature of their partner.

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